I need a new spin hairstyle.

It was EIGHTEEN degrees here yesterday. It felt like summer. I almost died on the humid and sweaty bus from hell going home from school yesterday so it REALLY felt like summer. Entering the months of perma-sweat in the afternoons. #TMI


Last night I had everything from Michael Jackson to Carly Rae Jepsen on my spin playlist and PEOPLE WERE SINGING ALONG. It made my life. I was so happy! I had a guy ask me to include some old school music on my playlists and I have been loving the mix of decades of music on each playlist. It’s fun to keep people guessing as to what song is coming next! This “Don’t Stop Believing” Remix was dynamite and rocked as a hill climb.

I always do my hair the same way when I go to spin. I twist my growing-out-bangs back and then twist my hair into a bun so that I don’t have a sweaty pony tail bouncing around. I need a new spin hairstyle. Suggestions welcome. No dad, I will not cut my hair super short… I will continue to test our shower drainage systems with my long locks.

hair spin

I am continuing to teach spin with a sore foot. My foot doesn’t hurt when I spin, as long as I take it easy with standing work on the bike. I can’t say the spin is healing my foot (don’t tell my doctor I am spinning) but I love my class and I have found the drills that are ok on me and I am working with it.

I don’t think my parents feel the same way.


After spin I had chocolate protein “ice cream.” Apparently the blogging world is fully aware of this banana ice cream concept and it is called “nice cream.” Clever. I used 2 frozen bananas, 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder, and 1 tbsp cocoa powder. I combined this in the food processor and added a splash of soy milk to blend it. OHMIGOD. So creamy and delicious, and almost 30 grams of protein!!


It is already Friday! Thanks short week! I haven’t been getting a full 8 hours of sleep this week so this weekend is going to be amazing and full of looooooong sleep-ins. And probably more ‘nice cream.’

Is it super hot where YOU live?!

Last workout – what was the best part about it? 


  1. If you’re decent at French braiding (or Dutch braids, the reverse so the braid is on top) there’s some other options. If you need a tutorial I can at least try to teach you

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