ICYMI: Where I’ve Lived Wednesday Series.


Last year I wrote a series every Wednesday highlighting the places I have lived! When my dad told my family and I that he was being promoted to a new position, it made me think about the many family meetings over the years when my dad would deliver the same message and tell us where our next destination would be. I get asked a lot if I like moving that much, if it’s tough, what the worst part is… and I usually say it’s the best and the worst. I have met so many incredible people and visited places I would never have even heard of, but I also don’t have a hometown and have never had the chance to lay roots in one particular city. Overall, the experience of moving made me who I am and I wouldn’t change that for anything. I have had more opportunities that I could have ever dreamed and I wouldn’t take back any of them!

In case you missed it, I’ll share my Where I’ve Lived Wednesday series today!

Prince George, BC – 1993

I was born. This about sums up my 3 month experience in Prince George.

WILW Prince George

McBride, BC – 1993 – 1996

I began my life as a classy lady who rides tricycles in dresses. I also acquired a brother in this town.

WILW McBride 9

Kimberley, BC – 1996 – 2002

I became quite the entrepreneur, as well as an elite athlete. From bake sales to triathlons, there was no stopping me. I began school where I promptly became the nerd I am today and I started playing soccer, much to the dismay of my more coordinated teammates.

WILW Kimberley 5


Gold River, BC – 2002 – 2004

I declared myself a whale whisperer. I also may have tried my hand at a hip hop dance class or two. Let’s not go there.

WILW Gold River 10

Regina, SK – 2004 – 2005

“Kids, this is where you are going to spend a very very long time. I think this might be our final move.” We spent 11 months in Regina. Wheat fields are just as exciting as they sound.


Port Alice, BC – 2005 – 2008

That is my backyard, and that is the ocean. The town may have only had 500 people but those 500 people had some badass views. I am an expert at ripping prawn heads off in case you need to hire me for that very weird and uncommon reason.

WILW Port Alice 7

Port Alberni, BC – 2008 – 2011

More ocean, more green. Really if you haven’t seen Vancouver Island what are you doing with your life? I bungee jumped, I went skydiving, I learned how to shoot a handgun. When life is that peaceful you have to find adrenaline somewhere.



Victoria, BC – 2011 – 2012

I spent most of this time buried under 8319713 textbooks, but from what I did see… GO.



St. Albert, AB – 2012 – Present

If I had a loonie for every time someone asked me, “WHY OH WHY DID YOU MOVE FROM BEAUTIFUL BC TO THIS BARREN FROZEN TUNDRA?” I would be able to buy a Montreal Canadiens stanley cup playoff ticket… YA THAT MUCH. Alberta is actually beautiful, plus I have farming blood so I am a prairie girl at heart!


WILW Alberta

I have lived in some awesome Western Canadian places and though I haven’t travelled the entire world, some of the most gorgeous global locations are in our own backyards! I am so fortunate to have made awesome friends everywhere I have lived and experienced incredible things. No, this isn’t an announcement that I’m moving or anything (sorry, parents)… I was just feeling reminiscent. 😉

Where is the best place you have lived?

Do you like moving?!


  1. Except for the four years I went away to university I’ve lived in the same house since I came home from the hospital — 24 years! The places you’ve lived look and sound so amazing 🙂

  2. You moved to Gold River the year I moved away from Campbell River! We were kind of almost neighbours!
    I get asked the same question about moving from BC, but there’s this thing about actually having a job that helped 🙂

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