If fitness posters were honest.

A light hearted post this Sunday morning is just what you need. Sit back, relax, pour yourself some coffee, and enjoy the humorous side of the fitness world.

  • My mornings. If only I actually had to sit up to press snooze, it’s more like a half-hearted roll.


  • As I am not able to run currently, I find myself at the weights more and more. Seeing strength improvement is awesome and takes my mind off of my declining running fitness for a couple of seconds 😉


  • Obviously I don’t think this one is accurate, but I’m sure some of you do. Treadmill lovers unite!


  • “If I don’t blog about that workout, does it actually count?” “I didn’t take a photo of my mileage at the end of my run, what a waste!” “I can round up my core strength time for a blog post right?” – thoughts that have run threw my mind at some point in time.



  • Genuinely considering this. My mom found an adorable breed of dog she said she would “tolerate” and I almost dropped everything and bought one right then and there. My parents aren’t really animal people so when she said that I cried a little inside. I need a four-legged running friend to help me ease back into running!


  • HAHAHA. I laughed out loud at this one so I had to include it. My spin room has full length mirrors at the front of the room so everyone gets a nice booty shot all class. What were we saying about squats again?


Happy Sunday, I hope you are doing something a) relaxing b) outside c) a & b. 😀


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