Just keep swimming.

I swam yesterday morning and I think I swam the furthest I have ever swam before. Swam? Swum? Swimmed? I can swim without foot pain as long as I push off the wall with my other foot so it was a great workout. I really have to convince myself to jump in the pool and then once I’m in, it takes a lot of willpower for me to stay more than 20 minutes. I just get so bored!


I swam 3 kilometers! Usually I cap it at 1500 or 2000m but I was determined to stay in the pool longer and because I am still not running right now, I needed some serious cardio. My arms were so dead by the end but it was a great workout! It took me about 65 minutes to swim that distance because I am definitely not a speedy swimmer. I just did front crawl the whole time, sometimes with a pull buoy, but mostly without.

I had a lane to myself the whole time minus the last 5 minutes and it was great! I tried to race the people in the lanes next to me when I got bored… the average age of the rest of the people in the pool was about 75. Obviously I won 😉 If I’m going to be swimming more, I found some great websites with swim workouts to try, instead of doing a monotonous lap swim the whole time!


I think if I write out a workout for myself before I go to the pool I will be more  likely to do it because if I don’t have structure it just becomes one long lap swim sesh. I can’t think of swim workouts on the spot, unlike cycling or running workouts, so I will have to try some drills in the pool next time! My pool has plenty o’ equipment so I should make use of it!

Any swimmers out there? Tips and tricks?

Do you swim as a form of cross training or as a main sport?


  1. When I injured my foot last year I found swimming was really the only activity I could still do pain free too. I pushed off with one foot and didn’t use fins and it was fine for the most part. I still swim a couple of times a week now as part of my training. Definitely having something in mind when I get to the pool is a must. My pool has lots of workouts available on the deck so I often use those to structure my workouts. When I’m really stuck for something I do a kick-pull-swim IM ladder : I’ll do 4 sets of 50 m each fly, back, breast, free, then 6 sets of 50 m pull (same IM order), and then 8 sets of 50 m each full stroke IM order. If I want to do just a long lap session, I’ll give myself a couple of technique things to work on – breathing, hand placement, body position.

    Hopefully you can get back to running soon but in the meantime, happy swimming!

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