Marathon Monday: Should have been Week 10!

I really couldn’t decide whether to call this post “Weekly Workout Recap” or “Marathon Monday” because I am not technically training for a marathon right now! I am working on getting back to running still because of that silly stress fracture, but I’ll share my week of workouts anyway!

Marathon Monday

Wearing my running shoes all day ‘er day has been heaven on my feet. You don’t know how unsupportive your daily shoes are until you are attempting to walk around with a fractured bone. Having the stability of my cushioned shoes has really helped me walk without as much/any pain! I wore these all day yesterday when I was doing errands and chores around the house!


One of the chores = washing my car. The dust and dirt really adds up when it is too cold to wash your car during six months of winter… oops. I washed and vacuumed my vehicle and helped my dad wash my brother’s and his. We also cleaned all of the bikes and tuned them up so we are ready for the outdoor cycling! Obviously I had to take my bike for a test drive so I spent a nice sunny 20 minutes out on the roads making sure everything was working well with my bike! I felt like I was flying. I missed outdoor cycling!!!


I hung out with my dad pretty much all day which was awesome because I hardly get to see him during the week! I went with my dad to his office to take care of a few things and I love visiting his office… well, I like visiting the bowl in his office 😉


In the morning yesterday my dad and I went swimming! He is a speedier swimmer than I am so I pushed myself to keep up and a few minutes off of my 2k time! It was a quick workout, unlike the millions of miles I should have been running today, but I had such a productive day and ended up spending many hours outside so it was awesome! My day was fuelled well too!



That meal above is how I deviate from my usual oatmeal every single morning. I topped toast with refried black beans, eggs, cheddar cheese, and salsa. It was so delicious and a nice change up from my normal routine! I made a lot of progress (*knock on wood*) with my injury recovery this week. Each morning I was able to walk with less and less pain. When I walked from my car to a store or something I would get inside and realize I didn’t even think about my foot once on the way over in the parking lot which means my foot wasn’t hurting – a huge change from the last few weeks! It was such a relief and I am going to keep this recovery going strong!

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 4.53.51 PM

Good luck to all of the Boston Marathoners today!! It may be rainy and windy but you are going to own it!! I have a few friends running and I am so excited for them! I may just be cyber stalking their results all day 😀

Have you ever run Boston? 

What is one marathon you want to run?!


  1. Glad to hear you’re starting to get those “flashes” of healing. Stick with it and when it’s all said and done the bone will be stronger ☺️

  2. I’ve been stalking results all morning! I would love to run Boston someday! (I just have to get wayyyyy faster lol!) I hope your injury heals quickly and you’re back to training soon!! I know how tough it is to be sidelined 🙁

  3. So glad to hear you’re on the mend! Love the pics, ‘specially the b/f one (I’ve already had b/f but I was tempted to go back and have YOURS lol!)

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