Marathon Monday: Training Week 8!

Can you really count it as a training week if you didn’t train? After the debacle that was last Friday, I haven’t been able to walk without pain from a strained foot ligament. I have taken my workouts down a few notches this last week and I have missed a total of six training runs… not that I’m counting… in hopes that my foot will recover in order to ramp up training for the second half of the training schedule! Just know, it is killing me that I’m not running, but I’m “trying” to recover as best as possible with let my body heal itself!

Marathon Monday

I took one rest day this week after a full weekend off last week. I haven’t run in 9 days but I have used spin (which I instruct) and light cardio as my cross training. The elliptical didn’t go very well early in the week because it was still too much weight-bearing for my foot, but cycling has been okay. Cross your fingers that next week’s training recap looks a little better 😉

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 9.45.34 PM

You read that Sunday workout right… I WENT SWIMMING. It’s ironic that I work at an aquatic recreation centre and I struggle to find the willpower to jump in the pool and swim laps. It somehow takes SO MUCH mental preparation for me to commit to staying after my shift to swim. However that is exactly what I did yesterday. I packed my swim gear and texted my dad to meet me at the pool after my shift to swim with me! I’m so glad he did because I always need someone to swim with in order for time to pass faster! I guess he wanted to earn his easter dinner!

easter dinner

Green beans, asparagus, brussel sprouts, and yam casserole. My brother made Easter dinner and it was delicious! In full disclosure, this is what the photo actually looks like… me, in spandex shorts after the pool. In all fairness, who needs to dress up for family?

legs and food

I then proceeded to have two huge helpings of delicious pear crisp, made by yours truly, to finish off the night. If all of that sugar doesn’t fuel a speedy recovery I don’t know what will. I am going to have to set my alarm with different motivational and inspiration quotes this week if I continue to not be able to run! I love this one! The fact that I can do schoolwork in my pajamas drinking tea all day instead of at school is pretty damn joyful.


In case you haven’t been keeping track, or want to take a look at where exactly I went wrong in this training schedule, you can check out the recaps from Week #1, Week #2, Week #3, Week #4, Week #5, Week #6, and Week #7! Hopefully this foot ligament heals up shortly and I will be back to complaining about how hard running is! 😉

What is your traditional Easter meal?

White, milk, or dark chocolate?


  1. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear you are still dealing with an injury! Hopefully you’ll heal up quickly and be back out there pounding out the miles soon. I always find it tough to get motivated to swim. Good for you for getting in the water. It is definitely great cross training if you can’t run (and water running can always be an option while you heal up).

    Good luck!

  2. I used to swim competitively and I’d always need to work myself up to jump in the pool. Sometime about getting wet and needing to shower and being cold. Ugh. Ha.

    I hope your foot heals soon!

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