Shenanigans that happened this week.

I am hitting up the pool again this morning for some more injury-recovering water sesh. I am crossing my fingers that my foot is on the mend because it doesn’t pop and crack as much as it was last week! I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so I will know more then! As for now, it has been 16 days since my last run and I am GOING CRAZY. In my attempt to keep sane, here are some shenanigans that happened this week.

This week I celebrated National Sibling Day. This guy is unreal, I seriously wish I could introduce him to each and every person who reads this blog because my brother is awesome!


We are super close siblings and to prove that it has basically always been that way, here are some fabulous photos of us in our prime. We were cool kids.



Yes, I did in fact have a bowl cut for WAY TOO MANY YEARS of my life. I think my mom must have been trying to “build character” or something but it is scarring to look at those photos 😉 I also wish I still had those sunglasses that I am wearing in that first photo. They are the bomb.

This week I tried on the many pairs of shoes that I own in order to determine which shoes support my foot and prevent it from feeling like I’m walking on glass 24/7. Some worked… some didn’t.


This week I consoled myself with more coffee than any human being needs. Iced Americano season is here people. I think I need to pick up extra shifts at my part-time job to support my Starbucks addiction.


This week I discovered the sweet potato crackers at Costco and how good they are dipped in hummus. For those who want to try ’em they are RWGarcia 3 Seed Sweet Potato Crackers with flaxseed, sesame, and chia. That was basically my dinner at work for the last three nights. #topchef


This week I genuinely needed some extra motivation to get some recovery workouts in. I had kind of an all-or-nothing attitude about running and working out so when I realized it would be a while before I ran again I lost all motivation to even get some extra swim or spin time. BUT once I got that sweat on, I knew it was a good thing I got it done. I also knew that even trying a “test run” would delay any progress I had made by possibly weeks and would SO not be worth it!


This week I ate lots of beta-carotene. (See above crackers). My skin is a nice glowing orange and I don’t think that is going to change soon. I added butternut squash to 53% of my meals this week. That vitamin A isn’t going to eat itself.


I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and enjoying any and all sunshine in your city! I have had many bouts of run envy the past few days because the irony of me getting injured AS SOON as spring arrives is just not funny! Run an extra mile for me!

Do you have any siblings? Older or younger?

Do your eating habits change with the season?


  1. Bummer your foot is still sore. You’ve got a great positive attitude though! We can’t worry about the things we can’t change. Good luck on the appointment tomorrow.

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