Spring 2015 Workout Gear!

It’s spring. Time for new gear right?! I love kicking off each season with a fresh piece of workout gear! I recently bought some training shoes, new socks, and it reminded me how much I can be motivated by a fresh piece of clothing or shoes! Now I have prepared a list for YOU of some awesome gear for spring workouts!

  • I WANT THIS. Another 361 days until I can ask for this for my 23rd birthday. Vests are the perfect transition from winter to spring. My hands get freakishly warm during a run so I don’t need gloves and jackets but a long sleeve and a vest is usually perfect for those crisp morning runs! Check out the Nike Run Aeroloft Vest!


  • I have been loving the Clip-In Cycle capris for teaching spin but as soon as I hit the roads for some cycling outdoors I think the Lululemon Sculpt Short will be awesome! Having comfortable cycling shorts is KEY for having a good cycling workout and for being able to walk the next day!


  • My new strength training shoe! This shoe is SO lightweight and perfect for prancing around the gym lifting weights. I would never walk any further than from one weight rack to another in these shoes because my feet need a bit more cushioning and support for that and if I ran in them I think my feet would break more than they already have but these shoes are unreal for strength sessions. They are the New Balance X20v4 Women’s Training shoe.


  • I dress in leggings and long shirts 98% of the time, and this tunic looks so comfy! My generous brother bought me an MEC gift card for my birthday, so I could buy hiking gear for the West Coast Trail this summer but I think this tunic is winning my heart right now. There are too many nice things at MEC right now!! For all Canadian readers –> shipping is free for this Toad&Co Ursa 3/4 Tunic!


  • I have an unhealthy obsession with water bottles. Just as my mom, who constantly finds at least 5 water bottles on the counter daily. I have a bottle that holds lemons in the centre of it for flavoured water, I have a 1L Nalgene bottle, I have a lulu Sigg bottle, I have a few cycling bottles, but whenever I see one in a store I start justifying reasons to add it to the collection. This one, the Lululemon Purist Cycling Water Bottle II, is adorable and might just be the next addition 😉


  • A few weeks ago I received the most amazing package from Champion with a few samples of their Spring line of clothing. I can’t get enough of their sports bras and I basically do laundry just so I can continue to wear them but I am here to tell you about these tights. The Champion Convertible Women’s Print Capri is SO comfy and well-designed. The bottoms are mesh and perforated for better air flow and they have a nice thick waistband for ultimate comfort while working out! Check out the pattern too – super fun!
    • Disclaimer: Champion product was sent to me at no charge for review; all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Right now these tights are ON SALE for less than $30! Click HERE for more information!


  • When I purchased my training shoes, I also picked up some new socks. You don’t know you need new socks until you buy new socks. Apparently socks are suppose to feel good on your feet and provide some cushion and comfort… who knew! I bought the Adidas Stripe No-Show Socks and they are awesome!


  • Finally, the trusty running shoes I have been wearing (up until recently of course 😉 ) for this training cycle – Brooks Ravenna 6s. I have cycled through almost all version of this shoe and it is great! Last spring Brooks introduced shipping to Canada from their website and although I have yet to try it, I think it makes it so much easier for Canadian customers to find their shoes because many retailers in Edmonton have stopped selling them in favour of other brands (<- Running Room I’m looking at you.) If you are looking for a shoe with enough cushion to support those long runs, but light enough to face speedy short runs, and a moderate amount of arch support, check out these shoes!


Links to all spring gear are provided in the descriptions! I was provided with the Champion gear to test out but of course, all opinions are my own. The remaining items are sponsored by me, myself, and I and simply highlighted because I love them! Last night it snowed again so I can’t say I’m breaking out the shorts quite yet but it is suppose to get nice and warm this week – just in time for new spring workout gear!

What is your favourite spring workout gear?

How often do you buy new workout gear?

Shoes you’re currently running in?!


  1. Still running in my trusty Newtons! Motion IV for longer runs and the Distance S for the speedy stuff.

  2. I have been running in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS model since I started running almost 2 years ago. But today I got a new pair of shoes: Brooks Pure Cadence 4. I’m going to try them on a short “long run” tomorrow and see how they hold up. Love those Champion Print Capris!!!

    1. PureCadence are my FAVES!! I hope you like ’em. Just be careful as they have a lot less cushion than the Adrenalines! 😀

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