Thinking Out Loud Thursday #12!

On Tuesday, I thought it was Thursday. I was sadly disappointed when I realized I hadn’t even made it halfway through the week. I think the excessive amounts of sunshine at the beginning of the week just made me want another weekend. Another round of Thinking Out Loud Thursday, linking up with Amanda @ Running With Spoons, today! If you head over to her blog you can find all sorts of randomness from bloggers all over the world! That is, of course, after you read mine. 😉


  • I think my room is the most tidy it has been in months. I found my camera lens, my iPod shuffle charger, and a shirt I thought I had lost while cleaning my room. It’s an April miracle.


  • This injured running is so close to being able to run again. I have a tentatively planned 10 minute run on Monday and until then I am working up to 60 minutes of walking with no pain and no soreness in my foot. Yesterday I went for a 45 minute walk and it was the most stressful thing ever. I was just bracing myself to start to feel pain the whole time and when I got home and let out a huge sigh of relief because I didn’t feel ANYTHING, no soreness, no stiffness, no cracking, no popping, no pain… I think we’re almost there people!


  • I have been enjoying super carb-y and sweet breakfasts during the last month which is delicious but I was certainly not getting enough protein each morning to start my day right so I’m trying to change that with some eggs for breakfast. Yesterday I made two eggs topped with some parmesan cheese and then I cooked up some apple and sweet potato with olive oil and cinnamon. Delicious, not super sweet, and full of protein… win-win-win.


  • Sometimes I get so caught up in how much I love to teach spin that I forget I get paid to do it. It’s a nice little surprise when my spin paycheque lands in my bank account! I subbed a few classes over the last month so I was happily surprised when a little chunk of change was added to my usual amount!

counting cash

  • I promptly spent that paycheque on this beautiful new gym bag. It was weird that I casually had a swim cap and microphone batteries in my school/everyday bag so I invested in a new gym bag so I didn’t have to switch back and forth for all of my activities. I actually had a gift card to use so this bag cost me $3.25. You can find it HERE!


  • A customer at work (I work part-time at a recreation facility) asked me if I wanted to be a receptionist for the rest of my life because I could totally do better. He suggested I join him and his friends as a debt collector. WTF? I replied that I was actually in school completing my Masters degree in order to work in public health and I was working part time as a rec centre receptionist and spin instructor in order to pay for school.


In what world is a minimum wage debt collector a better job than a municipal employee working for Parks and Recreation? I love Parks and Recreation (both the department and the TV show).

  • Currently obsessed with this song. I used it as a cool down song in spin class this week and everyone loved it. I then went home and listened to it on repeat 48725 times. Just don’t watch the Paul Walker tribute videos on YouTube for this song unless you like the taste of your tears.

  • I thought you should know that this is my new phone screensaver.


Have a wonderful Thursday and I hope it is nice and sunny where you live! Last day of my April push-up challenge and my arms are so happy it’s over! I’ll be coming at you live tomorrow (well not really “live”) with some May challenges. 😀

What is your phone screensaver?

Sweet or savoury for breakfast?



  1. Sweet breakfasts for this girl! Every now and again I’ll grab a more savoury one, but for the most part I like to start things off on a sweet note. And that debt collector thing seriously cracked me up. Like…really?!?

  2. Hey ! Is your spin class totally full? I want to try it out!! How early should I come to get a bike?

    1. Not totally full – I’ll be teaching tonight at Clareview 6:00pm – try to get there by 5:50pm but it’s usually quiet on Thursdays!! I am also subbing at Servus Place Rec Center in St. Albert on Sunday at 10:45am!

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