Holy cow, I feel like I have taught at every single recreation centre within 100km in the last week. Truthfully it was only 4 different gyms, for a total of 5 classes in 8 days. I subbed three classes in those 8 days which made my usual twice a week spin a bit more ramped up. The benefit of teaching at different places is that I can use the same lesson plan multiple times because no one would know!! I used THIS playlist at all four facilities.

I am always afraid when I tell spin participants at a gym I don’t normally teach at to do 4 X 60s sprints they are going to yell at me.


In the morning yesterday I drove my brother to the airport then hit up the gym for 60 minutes on the elliptical. I haven’t done the elliptical in a while and I figured it was a good transition from cycling -> walking -> running. NO PAIN. I didn’t feel like doing strength training so I foam rolled and left the gym. I knew I was doing another round of cardio with spin last night so I cut the morning workout short!


When I got home from spin last night I did even more foam rolling. My Friday leg workout left my legs trashed for days and with another 3 spin classes this week I need all the foam rolling and stretching I can get! I forgot how tough leg strength training can be and also how important it is! Clearly I haven’t done a ton of it in a while!


I couldn’t decide what to eat when I got home from spin after 8pm last night so a little bit of everything went into this bowl: plain greek yogurt, banana, strawberries, dried blueberries, All Bran Buds, and corn flakes. Mmmmm.

fuel spin

Apparently one should wear gloves when doing manual labour… PROOF I DID YARD WORK.


My feet actually look a tad ghostly in that photo above. It’s like a vampire. I’m surprised I don’t glitter in the sunlight. Time to get working on my tan. I find the arguments of getting Vitamin D from sunlight versus avoiding sunlight to reduce the risk of skin cancer fascinating. Canadians tend to lack Vitamin D and we have a short window of opportunity to get it in the summer but there are major risks of skin cancer with being in the sun too long. What seems to be the consensus: 10 minutes with no sunscreen and any longer amount of time apply a minimum 30SPF sunscreen to exposed skin. We do need a bit of sun on our lives… both for Vitamin D and happiness 😀

Today’s forecast has no shortage of sun!

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.22.44 PM

Do you wear sunscreen no matter what?

How much Vitamin do you supplement with (if you do)?

Blisters – pop or let be to heal?


  1. I’m a huge lover of sunscreen. I have about four different brands on the go right now with different SPFs and am always hunting for the best one to wearing running

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