Trying to recover like a boss & banana “ice cream.”

Exactly one week ago I finished off my 800m repeat workout and felt a slight soreness as I landed awkwardly during the last mile of my workout. Awesomesauce. I am terrible at “resting” and “taking it easy” so I have tried to do a few minor “recovery workouts” this week but I think it has still been too much for my foot. Yesterday I had to trek all around campus to borrow a DVD from one of the University libraries and by the time I got to sit down my foot was definitely hurting and I felt like I had taken 3 steps forward and 87 steps back with it “getting better.” I blame the terrible directions the librarian gave me and the fact that I was basically looking for a needle in a haystack.



Today is a MANDATORY rest day which means I get to sleep-in! I am scheduled to teach spin tomorrow so my Saturday rest day has turned into a Friday rest day! Just some stretching and icing for me this morning! Injuries make us so in tune with our bodies and I could tell this week was a lot for my foot and my lack of sleep this week definitely played a role in my terrible recovery.


I have an appointment with my family doctor on Wednesday. Hopefully an Easter miracle will heal my foot and I will be good to go by then but I want to get a recommendation for a sports physician from him. The University of Alberta has a sports medicine clinic and it requires a family physician recommendation to get in. I think having someone specialized in sports medicine, even though I am not an elite athlete, would be really helpful with injuries or even tight muscles rear there nasty heads.



On a happy note; I discovered the best thing in the entire world. (My brother doesn’t read my blog so he won’t know I’m taking credit for his concoction.) He always makes fruit “ice cream” and I tried creating a peanut butter & banana ice cream after spin the other night and it was INCREDIBLE. I froze 2 bananas, then put them in the food processor with about 2 tablespoons of soy milk and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, and blended it all up. It was UNREAL.


My lecture went well yesterday – thank you for the encouragement! It was really fun being in that lecture hall and though it’s intimidating to have 100+ eyes listening to your every word, it was pretty cool! I have also been hosting midterm exam viewings for students in the class so they can come see what they did right and wrong on their midterm exam. The majority of the time, the people who got 95% on the exam are coming to see where they went wrong and if they can “fight” for a few extra percent, when really they did incredible! (<– I was definitely one of these people in high school and undergrad so it’s kind of funny seeing it from this side.)

My face when students try to explain that their answer is actually right and that is what they meant to write.



Truth hurts.


I started looking at university professor careers around Canada after the lecture yesterday. I swear I change my dream job title every day. I continue to look at available jobs that I would be qualified for, just to make sure I am heading in the right direction with my academic path. Every time I see one that sounds like perfection so I think I’m on the right track to doing something I love for life 🙂

Expect 23 more blog posts today because it’s rest day and I’m already bored.

What is your favourite thing to do on a rest day?

How many rest days do you take?

Does anyone see a sports physician for treatment/check-ups?


  1. Hi, I’m a relatively new reader and first-time commenter 🙂 What did you do to your foot? I’ve had my share of injuries and understand how frustrating it can be. I think seeing a sports physiotherapist would be great for you to tackle the injury early on and treat it right. Enjoy the rest day! I love to read, browse blogs, bake, watch netflix, foam-roll (don’t love that one), write, nap, walk on those days 🙂

    1. Hey Jenni!! Thanks for reading 😀 According to my first physician visit my foot injury is a ligament strain on the top of my foot. I am terrible at resting so it’s been a struggle to stop being on my feet! Haha! I may just take part in ALL of those rest day ideas 🙂

      1. Oh – well that just plain sucks now doesn’t it? 🙁 Rest, ice, any movement that doesn’t hurt the foot! Try swimming or pool running is great(!).

  2. Oh my I have to try that banana ice cream! YUM

    Ugh, I hope your foot heals fast! I rolled my left foot on valentines day and it was sore for about ten days then I started back into easy running. There are so many little things in our feet so if I hurt my foot I’m constantly trying to figure out via the internet which tiny bone, ligament, tendon or muscle it is…lol.

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