WIAW: I actually remembered.

Thank you all SO SO SO much for the comments on yesterday’s post about my stress fracture. It helps to have so much support and considering I heard “REST” about 189471 times yesterday I think I know what to do now 😉 Again, thanks so much, it makes my heart melt! 😀

On a less sappy note… On Monday, besides a few errands, I spent the day working from home, which means I had more time and resources to record my entire day of eats. In other words, I was desperate for ways to procrastinate and ended up taking photos of all of my meals. I usually start reading blog posts Wednesday morning and really wish I had joined in the WIAW world but I always forget to take photos of my food for the entire day. Today that is all changing, you’re welcome world.


Breakfast: Whole wheat and flax waffles with maple syrup, a strawberry orange smoothie, and black coffee. I alternated drinking the frozen smoothie and the boiling hot coffee because I’m weird like that.


Study snacks: I enjoy some sliced pear, green grapes, and brazil nuts mid-morning.


Lunch: Butternut squash and black bean tacos. HEAVEN. I roasted butternut squash in olive oil and taco seasoning, then I warmed up some refried black beans. I added the squash, beans, tomatoes, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, and salsa to corn tortillas. Messy but soooooo worth it.


All the live long day: I brewed “Summerberry” herbal tea and poured it over ice and drank it all day!


Dinner: Giant salad with every topping my heart desired including peppers, cucumber, olives, artichoke hearts, dried cranberries, and honey mustard dressing; with some Mary’s Crackers and hummus.


 Bedtime snack: Chocolate blueberry “nice cream” made of frozen blueberries, soy milk, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder, and 1 tbsp of cocoa powder. OHMIGOD. It was unreal.


I did it! I was weirdly proud of myself for remembering to take photos of my meals all day. I would say this is a typical day for me, I usually either have a morning snack or an afternoon snack depending on when I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I ate dinner at 5:00 so that I could leave to teach a nutrition seminar after dinner so when I got home at 9 I was starving again! The ‘nice cream’ sure cured that and seriously… try it.

Head on over to the link up HERE if you want to check out more people’s eats! They probably won’t be as pretty as mine but whatever. 😉

Have you ever tried ‘nice cream’?

Do you snack or mostly eat 3 square meals a day?


  1. First I have to say I love how Canadian themed your website is!! So cute. Also all that food looks amazing – do you make those waffles yourself?! If so – very impressive!

  2. I usually blend cottage cheese and frozen bananas (+/- protein powder) to make a type of “nice cream” the cottage cheese makes it so creamy!

    I’ve recently started eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day – I like it because I never get “hangry” haha

  3. Mmmm I want those tacos right now. You and I have similar tastes (but don’t we all in the HLB world!)

    I go through phases where I’m more ‘snacky’ and other times I prefer 3 meals and a snack. I’ve noticed if I’m hanging out at home, I tend to graze throughout the day instead of sitting down and enjoying a proper meal.

    What are you studying??

    1. I am doing my Masters of Science in Human Nutrition. It’s thesis based so it’s a combination of research and courses!

  4. Love the look of those tacos. It’s like all my favourite foods combined. Did you make the refried beans yourself or are they canned? I’ve never made refried beans but I assume they’re fairly easy.

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