A Successful 60 Minute Walk!

According to my doctor and the consensus of 143 running physio and medical websites, recovering from a stress fracture requires a slow return to running. A few suggestions have been once you can walk 60 minutes without pain and without any residual soreness, it is okay to return to running! Guess what I did yesterday!


After doing a 30 minute walk and two 45 minute walks this week, I went for a longer walk yesterday and felt AMAZING. It is so nice to walk without pain and I am so excited to get back to running. It looks like this girl has the go ahead to start running this upcoming week!


When I got home from my walk it was time to celebrate with some brunch. It should have been breakfast but I woke up at the crack of noon so it turned into brunch. I made scrambled egg whites with mushrooms and some toast. I even put olive oil margarine on my toast in honour of the 60-minute walk… things got crazy. πŸ˜‰


I have found a few “return to running” injury recovery training plans online but I think the best thing for me to do is go by feel. I plan on starting with a simple 10 minute run on Monday and go from there. Returning to running is terrifying when you have spent a long time healing your cracked foot but I am determined to do it right!

Aaaaaand because what kind of post would this be without a random photo of something no one cares about? HOW GORGEOUS ARE THESE FLOWERS.


Have an amazing Sunday, I am off to teach back to back spin classes!


  1. That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I’m still totally in love with your purple and white Garmin. πŸ˜‰ So I’m not sure, but I’ll ask anyway: Are you marathoning before Chicago, or is Chicago your next full?

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