Back to those early summer runs.

It was climbing into the double digit degrees as I set out for my run yesterday morning at 5:45am. I couldn’t believe how sunny it was, and how warm it was, at such an early time in the morning. I like wearing a light jacket when I run to store stuff in as most of my tights don’t have pockets, but I was WAY TOO HOT yesterday with a windbreaker on. Looks like it’s back to those early summer runs, where running before 6am is already super warm! I love running with a ball cap and sunglasses though.


I had a “30 minute run” on my injury recovery plan so I did a 10 minute walking warm-up, ran a slow 30 minutes, and then cooled down with a walk. A total of 5 miles (~3.3 running). I used my camera self-timer feature for the first time yesterday. To say it was a struggle would be an understatement. First of all, how do people prop their cameras up to take these gorgeous running photos? How do they know when the countdown will end to time it right? How do others look so graceful running? AH!

early morning run

What I was thinking in the above photo: “Is it on? Did it work? Should I run slower? Faster?” Also, if you want any tips on how to heel strike like a champ, email me. I came home and didn’t feel like driving to the gym to do strength training so I did the infamous 8-minute abs video and the 8-minute buns videoย from Youtube.

Don’t underestimate those spandex-clad fitness nerds from the 80s, these videos are awesome. I tried out the 8-minute abs video a long time ago and it has been in steady rotation for a while because it is a quick ab-burner that you can do anywhere! I recently tried the 8-minute buns video and holy cow is it good.

Considering I paused my running life for a few weeks when it was still cold and icy and snowy out, it is weird to be running in the heat but I love it. The sun is up before me now and it makes me feel guilty lying in bed constantly hitting snooze. It’s hard to believe we’re almost at the longest day of the year! Welcome back, summer!

Random side note: Edamame pasta is amazing. So much protein and fiber and it’s delicious! You can find it at Costco!


Have you ever tried anything other than regular flour pasta?

What is your favourite season to run in? Fall, winter, spring, summer?

Who will be in Calgary, AB this weekend?!


  1. Costco has edamame pasta?! Must. Find.

    Have fun this weekend, I’m sad I’ll be missing out on the blog meet ups, but that means you’ll need to make another trip, right? RIGHT?! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My sister is celiac, so we have tried many different pastas! I hate rice pasta – I find it just tastes like rice. I prefer corn pasta if I’m going to do anything other than wheat.

    Favourite season to run in is spring, although it was so short this year ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I will be! Third half marathon will be under my belt by about 8:45am Sunday morning! I’m SO glad it’s such an early run! This morning it was already 11 degrees at 6:30… it’s going to be a hot one! I’m excited to see the course – I’ve heard great things!

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