Cereal buddies.

After spin last night I was craving some cereal. I have cut back on my cereal intake this month in order to stop eating so much sugar so it felt like such a treat! Yep, bran buds are a treat… what?


In the mix: bran buds, cheerios, frozen blueberries, cinnamon, milk, and polka dot pajamas. I shower after spin and have no desire to put anything on but pajamas. #singlelife


My brother had the day off yesterday as he works Saturday to Wednesday so we were cereal buddies. I tried to convince him to spend thousands of dollars to fly to Chicago on Thanksgiving weekend with me as I was looking up flights and hotel last night but he said no. It was a really hard sell, “Hey, want to battle crowds and watch me run for four hours and then deal with me complaining about being sore as we walk around the next few days exploring Chicago?” I would be eaten alive in a sales job. Also, I really need to book flights ASAP.


My spin class last night had a lower attendance with only 6 people, as it was TWENTY FIVE degrees out. I don’t blame people for not sweating it up indoors with me because I would totally do the same, but they missed a real good class. “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten was stolen from Hungry Runner Girl this week and it was a great one!


I can judge a spin class on it’s toughness by how quickly my hair goes from curly to straight. I curled my hair yesterday and it is naturally straight so it doesn’t last long in curls. A lot of hairspray makes it happen and when I enter a spin class all bets are off on the stability of those curls. It was a straight ponytail by the end of class. SWEAT. Let’s flash back to before spin when my hair looks like a normal human being’s.

model n shit

There are basically two seasons in Alberta, winter and summer. Spring and Fall last about one week each. We went from bare trees and brown everywhere to green green green and blossoms on the trees in less than a week. Everything looks so pretty now!


I have a FULL day tomorrow and then NOTHING on Sunday. Hallelujah for a day of nothing. I finally learned how to say “no” when someone asked me to sub their spin class on Sunday morning and I said “no.” I too leniently say “yes” to everything and then book myself FULL and get tired and burnt out. I was too excited for a day with no plans that I couldn’t give it up!

What are YOU excited for this weekend?

Cereal in your current rotation?


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