First cycle of the year!

Yesterday I went on my first outdoor bike ride of the year! Besides the little tune-up ride I went for when I my dad pulled my bike off the indoor wind trainer, yesterday’s ride was the maiden voyage of the season… and it. was. awesome.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 9.14.30 PM

It wasn’t super fast, even though I was with my dad (~26km/h) and it wasn’t super far (~44km) but it was great to be back on the road. Like to good blogger I am, I took zero photos. Taking pictures and cycling at one time is not something I am super skilled at and I was terrified if I pulled my phone out of it’s secure case on the front of my bike it would go flying and shatter on the ground. Better safe than sorry and I promise there will be plenty of photos of me and my bike to come this summer!

Oh, that’s a lie, I did take this one gearing up to head out!


After one ride I am obviously geared up for the season and ready for anything. Soooo I registered for the 2015 Tour De L’Alberta. Last year I did the 100km ride (and my dad did the 150km ride) in the 2014 event. You can check out the recap HERE! It was a crazy fun event! This year I signed up for the 160km ride. I conquered the metric century ride so this year I am gunning for the imperial (miles) century ride! It’s going to be fun – come join me!!


I am going to have some wicked cycling and running tan lines this summer. Usually after a bike run I can’t tell if I got a tan or if I am covered in dirt. Usually it’s the latter. On an equally disgusting note… my sore throat has turned into a stuffy nose. I have a sexy Phoebe phlegm voice. Last night at work my voice was getting deeper and deeper, it was hilarious. Isn’t it weird how cold symptoms are worse at night!


I am off to run for TWENTY minutes this morning and then teach a spin class. Hoorah! If today is anything like yesterday it is going to be a wonderful sunny day. Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms out there, especially the best one in the world… aka. my mom. She means the world to be and is such an incredible woman. I wish you all could meet her because she is the kindest, most creative, funniest, and dedicated woman I know.

IMG_0263 IMG_3074 IMG_3078


I love you mom!


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