Goals for the Calgary 10K.

Last year, I signed up for the Calgary Marathon, tore a couple of muscles in my glutes, which are apparently fairly important to running, took a few weeks off of running, got back to running one runs, and then got food poisoning the day before the marathon. The marathon was a hell of a struggle and I was crying by the end. Good times. #uglycry


This year was going to be redemption year. I signed up for the Calgary Marathon ready to attack it and redeem myself. I think I attacked my training a little too hard because about 10 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my 4th metatarsal on my right foot. My training came to a halt, I knew the marathon was out and slowly my hopes for even a half marathon dwindled. I dropped to the 10K and made it my goal to just get to the start line healthy. In my mind, I have already accomplished my goals for this race.

Marathon training is hard… injury recovery is harder. 



I didn’t make it to the marathon, but I think I am probably the strongest runner mentally than I have ever been because it took more patience and mental toughness to get to this race than any other one. What are my goals for this Calgary 10K race?

GOAL: To finish. 

Yup, that’s it. I’m not “racing.” I’m not gunning for a certain pace and frankly I don’t even know  what time I am capable of. I am not fast, I am not in peak running form, but I am ready to rock this 10K and prove to myself that injuries don’t define me. That I am a runner no matter how many weeks I didn’t run.

Question, can I still carboload for a 10K race? I am sure hydrating like a champ. Fancy hydration at my Aunt’s house in Airdrie means I am sipping on grapefruit Perrier all weekend.


I think one of the coolest parts of this weekend, besides me rocking a serious celly at the finish line of the 10K, is getting to meet a ton of local Alberta bloggers at the race! There are going to be a bunch of Canadian running bloggers running different events at this race and we are all meeting up the day before in a tweet up. I feel like I know these people so well, yet we’ve never met… blogging is weird. 😉 I am going to be cheering so hard for all of the half marathoners, 5Kers, and everyone else that I am able to see!


I can’t wait to run this race. I am usually stressing hard right now and can’t focus on anything but getting the race over with, but making this my “injury comeback run” has really taken the pressure off. No matter what, I am going with how my body feels, taking it easy, and enjoying each mile that passes pain-free.

Happy marathon weekend! Shoutout to everyone running tomorrow!

What is your go-to pre-race dinner?

Favourite distance to race?!


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