Hallelujah! The first run back.

First up, you may have noticed that I switched up a bit of the appearance of my blog. In December, I transitioned from Blogger to WordPress and did a bit of a redesign but I wasn’t 100% happy with how it looked when I finished. I really wanted a sidebar and the theme I was using just wasn’t easily adjustable without some serious recoding. It has just been driving me crazy for months now so I redesigned a bit of the layout and graphics. Aaaaaand if you didn’t notice… well, just continue reading… 😉


Yesterday I was nervous for my run. Like, race morning nervous. I had told a bunch of people (including you guys!) that I was going to try my first run yesterday after recovering from a metatarsal stress fracture and not running for almost 6 weeks, I was scared! I laced up and started with a 15 minute walk to get my body warm and my legs moving. THEN I RAN. I ran for 10 minutes straight. I felt like a could “feel” where my stress fracture was but there was no pain or anything and apparently that is common. It was crazy awesome and hard to stop at 10 minutes. I walked another 10+ minutes home to cool down.


It was so freeing! I felt back to myself again and it was incredible. One thing: I forgot how hard running is. I kept up with lots of activity while I was letting my stress fracture heal, like cycling and swimming, and my legs felt completely fine, but my respiratory system didn’t get the message today that we were going to start running again because it was struggling… and I wasn’t even running fast! Nevertheless, it was fabulous. Best 10 minutes.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.48.02 AM

When I got home I did some core work and glute strength exercises. I have done the 8-minute ab video 1376517865 times before, but this past week I tried the 8-minute buns video and it is AWESOME. My buns were on fire. I finished with side leg lifts to strengthen my hips and called it a day.


The plan from here is to go for short (10-20 minute) runs every second day, as long as I’m still feeling great and my foot is doing well! It was spectacular to get outside yesterday and even though I felt like I was half dying because my respiratory system went into hibernation during my stress fracture recovery, I was moving faster than a leisurely walking pace and that’s all that counts!

If you are working out at home, do you stick to a certain routine?

Still inside running or all outside now?


  1. Yay, congratulations on the first run back!! Definitely mentally coming back from an injury like a stress fracture is really tough. I had a stress fracture in my ankle several years ago and when I started running again I was quite paranoid. I’d keep stopping and checking my ankle to see if it was swelling or if it hurt when I touched it.

    1. Exactly! I was so paranoid! I didn’t know you had a stress fracture!! It seems to be pretty common amongst the running bloggers 😛

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