Marathon Monday: Injury Rehab Week #2!

I survived another week of pain-free running! It has been tough to come back to running and not be even close to where I left off, pace, distance, and effort-wise but it is also really awesome to literally be able to feel my body getting stronger and overcoming my stress fracture. I ended off the week on a super high note running 30 minutes straight yesterday!

Marathon Monday

It was deceivingly cold yesterday. It was really sunny and looked like it should be nice and warm but it was freezing cold, there was even a frost warning in the morning! Instead of basking in the summer sun, I drank tea with the name “summer.” Same thing right? This is actually one hell of a good tea, and it’s great iced too!


I headed out for my run around 6:30am. It was perfect running weather, as I am NOT a hot weather runner, and hovered just above freezing, with no wind. The sun was shining, I was running, and it was glorious. I did a 5 minute warm up walk, then ran 15 minutes out and 15 minutes back along a quiet country road.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 1.09.12 PM

After my run I ate breakfast because I knew I would need some fuel to head to the gym and teach two spin classes. An old fave, peanut butter toast. I forget how good that is!


I was teaching a “Spin & Stairs” class which consists of, you guessed it, both spinning and running stairs. We did a pyramid workout of 1.0km riding, 1 lap around the track, 1 set of each staircase in the building (3), then for round two it increased to 2.0km riding, 2 laps around the track, and 2 sets of each staircase. Round three was the same, with 3.0km, 3 laps, and 3 sets of stairs. We then worked back down the pyramid and did 2 and 1. Most people made it through the final round of 2’s until class was over and we cooled down. It was TOUGH. I didn’t run stairs or do the laps because I had to monitor all areas of the workout but I did the spinning part and walked around the track encouraging people.

My second class was a regular hour-long spin class. I was able to use the same playlist quite a few times this week because I taught at three different facilities! We did a few of my favourite drills and the class rocked it. My mom came to my spin class, and obviously sat in the front row of bikes to heckle me. This is what is looks like when you spend almost three hours exercising… tired smile.

holy hell

What I did after my spin classes, besides shower:


In spin class I find it really had not to work hard with the participants as I teach the class. It really helps me gauge gears, interval time, recovery time, water breaks, etc. when I am actually doing the class… plus I’m a little competitive. I think I am finally over my cold which was bad news for the spin class because I was able to talk a lot more than in THIS class. 😉 I don’t really realize how hard I am working while teaching because adrenaline keeps me going and I am focused on making sure everyone is engaged and doing drills correctly… that is until the sweat starts to drip on my bike and my legs are sore the next day!

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 1.12.50 PM

With one heck of a crazy week at school, I am happy with the solid workouts I got done. I am glad I took a rest day on Wednesday because clearly with all of the exercise I did the rest of the week, I needed it!! Another day off for the rest of my family today which means I will be trying to convince my dad he wants to go for a bike ride with me this morning. 😛

How are you spending your extra day off for Victoria Day?

What do you eat for breakfast before working out?

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