Marathon Monday: The week before the run.

As you read this, I may be testing out my *hopefully* healed stress fracture with a brief 10-minute run this morning. I should be super excited to be back to running but honestly I am scared. It sucks not running for almost 6 weeks and there is no timeline set in stone for stress fracture recoveries so I don’t know how long is too long and how long is just enough time once I’m not in pain anymore before running.

Marathon Monday

It has been a solid week since I have “felt” the injury so I am hoping to be in the clear! After a successful 60 minute (fast) walk, I felt a little more confident. I am scared of going back to soon, cracking my bone again, and all of those other fun thoughts but here goes everything nothing! I can’t wait to be back at it but the mental barriers are certainly tougher than the physical ones! A look at my week of workouts…

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 7.20.58 PM

As you can see this past week I taught FIVE spin classes. I am certain I was close to death last night. Just kidding, but I was certainly exhausted. I taught back to back classes yesterday but thankfully the first class I was able to teach off the bike as it was a spin and stairs class and I had to monitor pariticpants all over the facility in different parts of the circuit. I felt slightly guilty not sweating alongside everyone but I knew I had an hour of sweaty spin to go in the next class!

HUGE shout-out to Natalie, a blog reader that came out to my spin class yesterday! She rocked it!!!


On Saturday I was at a party with a candy bar and margaritas, and last night I went to a BBQ with cheesecake and chips for dessert. Three days into May and my attempt to reduce my sugar intake is still going strong but I think everyone was trying to see if I would break this weekend. NOT A CHANCE. 😉

I have four spin classes to teach this week, as well I hope to be working up to a 20-minute run on the weekend. As the weather is warming up I am more and more stoked to be able to at least walk without pain. Injuries are so humbling! Time to get this Alberta girl a tan!

What was the BEST part of your weekend?

If you have one vice what would it be?

Are you racing this month?!


  1. The best part of my weekend was going to Whole Foods for the first time. My car was parked near one for a race and I ate the most delicious toffee/chocolate covered pretzel on my way home.

    My vice is definitely Starbucks. I go for a coffee and leave with that and a pastry. I’m trying to cut back on spending, specifically there, this month.

    1. Starbucks is a huge vice for me, mostly the money because I stick to tea and coffee most times but it is such a costly habit!! Congrats on your PR girl!!

  2. Sending healing {mountain} vibes your way! Stress fx’s are THE WORST. I had to take several months off running last year when I injured my pelvis, so I know how painful/annoying it can be. You’ll get back to where you used to be, if not stronger. 🙂

  3. Wow – that’s a lot of workouts! Over 2 hours a day. Do you count your teaching spin as a workout? I’m guessing you are still spinning/doing the class as everyone else…except you have to shout and get more out of breath 🙂 Just continue to do what you’re doing with your recovery: playing it smart. Don’t pile on the runs too quickly and try every second day. One thing to note is that it’s common to feel some pain/discomfort when you do get back into running…of course always check with your Doc first!!! I still had lingering pain when I gradually got back into running (10 mins, 20 mins, easy) and was worried but it wasn’t the intense “I can’t run pain” and one day it eventually went away. It’s just part of the healing process from what I’m aware.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting Jenni – I felt hesitant about my foot this morning based on that “lingering pain” but it didn’t modify how I was running or even really hurt, it just felt like I could tell where the fracture had been! I’m playing it as smart as I can – thanks girl 😀

  4. Thanks for the shout out! You’re a great teacher – awesome playlist and awesome encouragement! It was my first spin class in 2 years and I had forgotten how hard on the butt those seats are ha ha. But I will be back!

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