Marathon Monday: The week that WAS!

Who’s back in the running game? THIS GIRL. Don’t get too jealous but, um, I ran a solid 20 minutes yesterday. I KNOW. *self-five* I finally have some mileage to talk about on this week’s Marathon Monday!

Marathon Monday

I have a solid 5K route that I have been running for my rehab runs this week. It has a total of 8ft of elevation gain which is perfect to transition back into running. My running wasn’t fast or far but I. WAS. RUNNING. I completed four pain-free runs this week, short and sweet. This week in workouts also includes the first outdoor bike ride of the year and teaching three spin classes!

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 7.28.48 PM

This week I have another four runs on the schedule, each a tiny bit longer than last week in order to work on my May goal of a seamless transition back to running. I felt really good running 20 minutes yesterday and I can’t wait to be able to go further without risking injury!

Yesterday I asked my mom what she wanted for Mothers Day.


After I taught spin in the morning, I delivered Starbucks to my mom. She is rocking her half marathon training (doing the Calgary half) and she nailed a 10-miler on Saturday. I am seriously so impressed with her, especially when she comes home from running double digits and says, “That felt easy!” We spent the day relaxing and shopping. I bought my pack for the WCT and my mom bought an adorable new hat!


We ate dinner on the patio for the first time this year because it was so nice out. One of the simplest dinners and one of the best… fresh bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and a salad. Perfect summer dining.

dinner patio

It is hard to stay focused in school and at work when it is this nice out but I have found a great balance between dedicating time to academics and time to family, friends, and doing all of the things I love. In short, I’m looking forward to next weekend already. 😉 Now that I have my new pack I need to get hiking!

What did you do for your mom on Mother’s Day?

Best meal for the patio?

When is YOUR next race?!


  1. Go Mama Canadian Girl Runs! I’m super impressed by your Mom too! Are you going to be racing with her in the YYC marathon?

    Thats my next race. Then I have the Kananaskis 100 in June.

  2. Great week of workouts! I have yet to try a spin class. It is on my list.
    I spent Mother’s Day running a half marathon. My hubby and little boys were waiting at the finish line and then my 4.5 year old son ran his first ever race! 1km and everyone got a medal. He was very proud of his first medal and wanted to hang it on the wall with mine. One proud mother runner here. 🙂

  3. My mom and I did the Mother’s Day Run in Hawrelak and then went for coffee and pedicures! Mother’s Day falls around my sister, sister-in-law, and dad’s birthdays, so I thought it was important to do something separately with my mom!

    Best meal for the patio – BBQ’d potatoes and veggies!

    Next race – Calgary Half for me as well 🙂 did my last long run (21.1km) on Saturday and I’m ready to take it a little less aggressively for the next few weeks, mostly just 10k and under, as well as lots of cross-training and some more rest days than usual!

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