Motivation… Tuesday?

I miss my Motivation Monday posts. So today we are going to kick some butt with Motivation Tuesday. As I get back into running, I have discovered it appears running is hard. I definitely lost some of my cardiovascular running strength while recovering from injury so it’s going to take some work to get back into tip top shape but if you know me, you know I’m always up for a challenge.








My mom and I were talking during the winter months about the challenge of staying in shape during the winter, especially with regard to running fitness. My mom said, “Well, isn’t that the fun of it? Making some goals during the summer racing season, training and killing it, taking time off, and then starting all over again?” It kind of is. It’s awesome to watch ourselves change and improve, try, fail, and try again, and challenge ourselves. I’m ready for a summer of challenges and a summer of triumphs!

What is one goal you set for yourself this summer?

Do you have a mantra or motivational quote you live by?


  1. This summer I want to keep running, and enjoy it, and try and keep up with my stretching and foam rolling!

    I want to get to the finish line of the NYC Marathon, in November, healthy and happy 🙂

  2. One goal I set for myself this summer was to spend more time outside! I love running and walking and biking, but sometimes I find myself just stuck inside, too lazy to do anything after my workout. As a way to make that happen I am biking to work as much as I can! My plan was to start at the beginning of May, but unfortunately my bicycle needed a serious tune up and I had no access to it for a few days. That being said – I did it today for the first time and it felt awesome! Brought shorts for the ride home because it’ll be so warm. No excuses – we have a short but beautiful summer here in Edmonton!

    When I was training for the hypo half and running the 21.1km 2 weeks before for my last long training run, I could see my apartment about 700m away and I hit a huge wall, I was so overwhelmed with having to run 700m farther – I had just run 20.4km, wasn’t I done!? But I stopped for 5 seconds and told myself “these are your legs, these are your lungs, this is your body and this is your run”. It was just what I needed in that moment to keep going and get it done!

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