My family is kind of the best.

Yesterday I got to sleep in and then taught a spin class at Commonwealth Recreation Center. It is definitely one of my favourite places to teach because the spin room is gorgeous and full of light, plus the regulars in that class are so full of energy. My favourite spin participant (my dad) came to class and this is what he had to say about it, “It was good.” Hard-hitting reviews. 😉


I love when my dad comes to class because he can always tell exactly what I’m thinking and will shoot me funny glances throughout class. It was an awesome sweaty workout and I made sure to make my dad work hard 😉 He is definitely a better/faster cyclist than me so I made sure to give him a good spin workout!

I am heading out for a 30 ( 😀 ) minute run this morning and then teaching two back-to-back spin classes at my local gym. I don’t actually do the first spin class, I just get to yell at people!! It’s awesome.

After work last night I was STARVING. Don’t let yourself get super duper hangry because you won’t make the best nutritional decisions. What time is it? Nachotime.


Sweet potato crackers, cheddar cheese, tomatoes

Not only did my dad come to my spin class yesterday which would explain the title to this post, but my brother sent me this text yesterday. I love him.

My brother and I probably quote Friends on the daily so I laughed out loud for a solid 12 minutes watching that 6 second clip over and over.


Yep, my family is awesome. My mom is also most likely coming to my spin class today!! I’m practically the glue holding this family together, whatever will they do when I finally move out? (<- only 8317409815 years until that happens).

What is something you and your siblings bond over?

Favourite TV series of all time? 


  1. Favourite series is by far Seinfeld. Even have the full box set with all nine seasons. Can’t beat it.

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