Never-Silent Saturday.

A lot of bloggers do “Silent Saturday” posts where they simply share photos from their week and leave the talking to the photos. I somehow just can’t dump my photos and go… first of all, none of them would make any sense without an explanation, and second, I have a lot to say.

Yesterday after I came home from the gym in the morning and threw yams in the oven to bake while I showered. I used “butter-infused olive oil” (fancy, I know), cinnamon, nutmeg, and a pinch of salt. I had an apple and some eggs as well and it was amaze-balls.

yams breaky

At the gym I had the best run yet. It was 10 minutes but it was heaven. I felt good, no pain or even stiffness or “feeling” of an injury whatsoever. I actually spent an hour on the treadmill, mostly walking, with my 10 minute run in the middle. I mostly just wanted to watch the full sports highlight show. #GoHabsGo

10 minute run

I felt like such a boss being back on the treadmill. I even got asked by a few people if I was “back” because people wee shocked to see me hop on the stationary bike instead of the treadmill each morning when I was first injured. I love my gym. I was strutin’ my stuff the whole hour.


I took more cold medication on Thursday night and I had the weirdest dreams. I am pretty sure I was dreaming the entire night and it was so vivid. I was BFFs with NHL goalie Carey Price, I lived in a haunted castle, and I hosted the Amazing Race. Dream life.

I still have a sore throat and it is making me drink an absurd amount of water.


Friday night pizza night. We make homemade pizza and it is the best. Artichoke hearts and zucchini are two of my favourite toppings. I always try to make my pizza small because I know it is SO good that I am going to want to just keep eating and eating it. YUM.


It was actually a family dinner last night because MY BROTHER IS HOME. He was on vacation visiting friends in BC for almost two weeks and I missed him! We get along so well, as you know, and I am happy to have him home!


Finally, TONIGHT.


Last night I made a run to Starbucks to get my dad coffee beans for his Saturday morning cup o’ joe in order to bribe him to go cycling with my this morning. I am desperate to get my bike on the road and as much as I love the sweaty atmosphere of a spin studio, fly down an actual road with the wind in my hair! Have a great weekend!

What are your plans this weekend?!

Best pizza topping?


  1. I ran 13.1 miles on Saturday – last long run before my half marathon at the end of the month!
    Then an easy 3 miles this morning with my mom for Mother’s Day!

    Best pizza topping…. soft mozza! I live near the Italian Centre in west Edmonton and we buy fresh mozza every weekend for our pizza night (which is Saturday!) so sometimes I just do a good ol’ margherita pizza and it’s soooo good. But when I’m not in the mood for that, I load up with caramelized onions, peppers, roasted garlic and spinach!

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