Non-Running Accomplishments & May Challenge.

At the beginning of April, I started a 30-day pushups challenge. You can find the challenge HERE, but it was essentially starting with 15 pushups, ending the month with 40. I did them ALL on my knees because I can only do 0.8 pushups on my toes. Push-ups are an AWESOME move for core, shoulder, chest, biceps, and triceps which means they are SUPER hard… for me anyway.


I love seeing the results from doing pushups but it takes real consistency for me to keep those results. I tried to do them all consecutively throughout the month but I had to split them into 2-3 sets for the last week. BUT I didn’t miss a day! Yesterday getting those 40 push-ups done felt so good!


Without running goals to keep me working hard during April it could have been really discouraging and depressing to not have something to push for. I am a competitive, goal-oriented person so I as the month was winding down I thought about all of the non-running goals I had accomplished during April. No, I didn’t run a bunch of 20-milers and reach peak weeks with marathon training but I did a lot of other awesome stuff:

  • I cycled/span 20 hours in 30 days which included teaching spin about 3X per week. At my average speed, this equates to over 300 miles of cycling.
  • I hopped in the pool more than my typical average of 1.7 times per year.
  • I had people ask me where I would be teaching spin because they loved coming to my class.
  • I was hired as a sub spin instructor at my local gym (the one I workout at daily) and already have five classes scheduled in May to teach!
  • I increased my bench-press PR to 95lbs. <- HUGE for me!
  • I didn’t miss a day in my push-up challenge.

Not everything is terrible when you are injured. 😉 I spent a lot of time cycling which improved the variety and challenge of the drills in my spin classes and I was able to focus on strength in my arms and core! Even though I ran exactly 0 miles in April, I accomplished so much!


I drove home from work the other day after 10pm and it was still light out!! It was so strange, especially because the next day as I was driving to the gym at 5:15, it was again, getting light out and that only means one thing… IT MUST BE MAY! I guess the changing light is one great thing about living this far north!


My main May challenge is to seamlessly transition back into running. I am really proud of myself for taking the time I need off of running, focusing on the recovery my stress fracture needed, and it was incredible to wake up each day feeling a little less pain and a little more like myself. My metatarsal stress fracture really threw a wrench in my April running which doesn’t mean I will run 200 miles in May, it means I will need to take the entire month to slowly ease my body back into the impact of running.


I had originally planned to run the Calgary Marathon on May 31 but I have already changed that race to the 10K distance, which means I will use the next 31 days to work myself back up to what was previously my “easy distance.” I have worked really hard over the last 5 weeks to let my stress fracture heal and I don’t want to throw all of that hard work down the drain by doing something stupid or going too hard too fast.

My second goal for May is to reduce the amount of sugar I eat. I don’t eat a lot of typical “junk food” but I have absolutely no self control when it comes to dried fruit, cereal, super sweet fruit, etc. and I have made it my goal to replace some sugar in my diet (mostly the added and artificial stuff but with a but of reduction in natural sugars) with more filling choices such as protein-packed foods like greek yogurt.

My mantra for the month:

be the best version of you

Do YOU have any goals for the month of May?

Blogger meet-up in Calgary?! Who will be there?!


  1. I’m doing a push-up challenge for May but I’m totally starting with 3 because 15 is insane! I’m trying to do the full push-ups and eventually will get my form correct. eventually 😉

  2. Kris, you really handled the mental aspect of your injury so well. You stayed positive and focused on what you could do…plus made getting better your priority. When running is taken away from us it can be really easy to wallow and throw our own little pitty party.

    You will no doubt rock your running comeback!

  3. I LOVE Alberta in the spring/summer when it’s light out all the time!!
    I’ll be in MN Calgary Marathon weekend, so I’m kinda bummed I won’t get to see lots of cool people.

  4. great stuff kris! it’s definitely not an easy thing to maintain focus and desire while injured – and you’re doing a more than admirable job of keeping your conditioning up until your legs are ready to go again. rooting for you girl!

  5. Proud of you, Kris. Could have been easy to wallow in self pity with your injury but you kept your spirits high and found other ways to keep fit.

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