The wind was like, “Nope.”

Yesterday, after a FULL day of exercise on Sunday, my legs were not ready for a run. I learned during the beginning of this marathon’s failed training cycle that I am not ready to do a recovery run the day after a long run. Some people can do back to back double digits, can nail a recovery run less than 24 hours later, but I am just not one of those people. I woke up with some sore legs and no desire to even tempt a run, so I didn’t. I did however join my dad on a bike ride! Working on my sick tan lines already.

tan lines

The wind hasn’t stopped blowing in central Alberta for weeks. Every day the afternoon is blustery but yesterday morning it was already starting to get windy. When we were out riding it was about 25 km/h winds with gusts of 40 km/h.

I was like, “I think I’m going to nail this ride and work on my speed.”

The wind was like, “nope.”

I was like, “YES, a downhill!”

The wind was like, “nope.”

I was like, “When we turn the corner it will be better.”

The wind was like, “nope.”

collage cycle

We rode for 2 hours, covering just over 50km. Our speed wasn’t fast, as I noted, because that damn wind was insane. We ride the highways around Edmonton and when it is windy in the city, you know it’s going to be 1.7X windier out on the rural highways. Despite the wind, it was a great ride and it made us work hard. I wore a HR monitor to see how hard I actually worked! Plus, anytime on the roads with my dad is a good time!

Time to instagram that ride… amirite dad?


I was like, “We’ll be able to take gorgeous photos as we ride for the ‘gram.”

The wind was like, “nope.”

In the afternoon yesterday I did something I have been waiting months for… I got a massage. It was the most painful one I have had yet because apparently doing months of upper body strength training and not knowing how to stretch and roll out those muscles makes for some tight knots in my shoulders and arms. My masseuse didn’t even get to my legs because she spent an hour on my upper body. I hurt, in the best way possible. I felt much better when I left, albeit slightly sore!

The spa I get my therapeutic massages at is located within an organic foods market, kind of like a Whole Foods, so I stocked up on tempeh, salad dressing (they have an amazing tahini one), and the essentials.


I had to go to work after my massage which was not the best way to spend a sunny afternoon but… stat holiday pay.


 I did a little stretching after the ride yesterday so my legs should be ready to go for a run this morning! I am ready for another week getting back into running, Calgary 10K is coming up fast and I am ready to be at the starting line – HEALTHY.

What apps do you use to humble-brag your workouts? 😉

Do you pick up certain items at organic, specialty, or whole foods stores?

What was the best part of your weekend?


  1. I’m with you — I can’t do a recovery run the day after a long run.

    Best part of my weekend was all the sunshine! The had forecast called for rain and storms the entire long weekend but there was nothing but sun 🙂

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