Thinking Out Loud Thursday #14!

I have had such a crazy busy week so far, I’m pretty sure the majority of my blog posts have been random and nonsensical, but today I at least have an excuse for that – Thinking Out Loud Thursday! I’m linking up with Amanda @ Running With Spoons so head on over to her blog if you want more randomness or to find out what this link-up is all about!


  • No one needs to comment on the Montreal Canadiens loss. I know that all of the serious sports fans obviously come to this blog for the latest and up-to-date sports references, news, and information, but lets just give some time for the wounds to heal. Damn you, Tampa, damn you.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 8.52.14 PM

  • Why does anyone even need to write articles like this? “21 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit the Rocky Mountains.” Seriously, we need to actually convince people to come to the Rocky Mountains. LOOK AT THEM.


  • In an effort to actually get rid of this cold, and due to the fact that I hadn’t taken a day off of exercise in three weeks, I took a rest day yesterday. It was heaven. I slept in until about 7:30am, then watched sports highlights in my pajamas and ate chocolate protein pancakes. Best. morning. ever.

chocolate pancakes

  • As I mentioned in a few posts, I am doing a thesis-based Masters program and right now is heavy data generation time… aka, busy as eff. Yesterday I went door-to-door for almost 8 hours encouraging people to fill out a survey. I was exhausted when I got home and almost fell asleep in my salad bowl while I was eating dinner at 8:30pm.


  • When everyone else is out or busy and you have no one to talk to while eating dinner… you find Friends. (Pun intended… always.)


The look on Monica’s face in the photo above is exactly what my face looked like when my dad didn’t want to sit down with my and talk while I ate dinner.

  • Me trying to explain to community members why filling out my survey will serve them well in the long run in areas of health improvement, school policy development, and school program implementation. This is 100% accurate.



  • When I get asked what I want to do when I’m finished school…


  • Only 17 days left until the Calgary Marathon. I wish I was running 26.2 miles… which is a sick thing to admit, but I will be there running the 10K! There is still time to sign up and join me by clicking HERE!

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 8.42.13 PM

  • In the marathon community, it sounds so ridiculous to say I will be working up to a 10K when I should be in full marathon tapering mode right now but I am proud of my progress and happy that I have controlled myself and stuck to my slow and steady recovery plan. The thought of being back in serious pain and fracturing my foot again scares me into sticking with my feel-good rehabilitation program.


I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday – it’s almost the long weekend (In Canada anyway, I am not sure about my foreign readers 😉 ). I have a lot on my schedule this weekend as well so I am very happy I took a rest day yesterday! Another round of teaching spin tonight so I hope it isn’t as much of a struggle as THIS class!!

What is your favourite distance of race to run? Marathon? Ultra? 5k? 10k? Half? 

Is anyone’s favourite team still in the NHL playoffs?

One random thought for the day – tell me something about yourself!


  1. I love that…”all I have on my side is facts and science…people hate facts and science!” As an aside, did you know that we can get Parks and Rec in Canada on Shomi? It is basically like netflix but you have to have internet with either Rogers or Shaw to subscribe.

    Have a great long weekend!

  2. I dream of visiting the Rockies one day. To live there, even better!

    You are not “ridiculous” in any community, marathoners or not for running a 10k! I’ve run short and longer distances and each one is difficult and rewarding in it’s own right. It’s doing it and trying your best – or smartest according to recovery 😉 – and having fun that counts!

  3. Ugh. Tampa. How stupid.
    I’m glad the Rangers made it through, but I kind of don’t really care about hockey at this point.
    Yay for rest days – those are important 🙂

  4. My favourite distance is probably a 10k! It’s easy enough you don’t dread it, but hard enough you can push yourself for time.

    I am a terrible Canadian and I don’t watch hockey, BUT I am part of a playoff pool (just guessing teams and game #s) and I am in second place! The only person beating me is my boyfriend so if he wins I’m okay with that 😉

    Random thought for the day…. I am going to Banff this weekend! My original plan was to walk from Canmore to Banff with my girlfriends but one friend has put a kibosh on that (she’s not very active 🙁 ), so now we’re just doing a girls’ weekend and I’m pushing for at least a hike or two!

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