Thinking Out Loud Thursday #15!

My favourite day of the blogging week. And of the week in general. Almost Friday, I get to teach spin, and I don’t have to work (I go to school)… it’s a good day. I am of course linking up with Amanda @ Running With Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!


  • I tried out the “Endangered Species” Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & Almond. A little too much sea salt for my taste, I’m not 100% sure I like it in chocolate but it was really good chocolate. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated with my dark chocolate reviews… I’m an expert.


  • I was even MORE high maintenance at Starbucks this week. I bought Perrier from the Starbucks cooler, asked the baristas to pour it over ice in a venti cup and add a splash of lemonade. It was so refreshing! In addition to my iced americano I think this is my new summer drink.


  • I laughed far too hard at this. I need to start saying this.


  • I saw this water at the whole foods market I went to after my massage. Earth water. Where has our water been coming from before? 😉


  • Yesterday morning I headed to the track for a run on a softer surface. 10 minute warm up walking and then 30 minutes of running. I felt back to my old self with a faster pace than my rehab runs have been. I wasn’t pushing hard but the softer surface felt good and I loved getting my heart pumping and slowly I’m getting rid of the stress of waiting for my foot to crack again! 3.5 miles in 30 minutes (8:36 min/mile).



  • After school my mom was heading to my gym for a personal training session so I tagged along to get in a bonus workout while my energy was high (which doesn’t normally happen at the end of the day)! I did 25 minutes on the stairmaster and sweated my eyeballs out. I then did a circuit of 2 minutes spinning, 2 sets of stairs (2 X 2 floors), 2 minutes of rowing for 5 rounds. HOLY HELL. I wouldn’t survive bootcamp.


  • I caught myself watching baseball yesterday. Who am I?



  • I didn’t know what “GDFR” stood for in the title of Flo Rida’s new song so I procrastinated downloading it. It is AWESOME. It was a hill climb drill in this week’s spin class and it was perfect. Go download it, now. Oh, and it stands for “Goin’ down for real” in case you were wondering. I didn’t say it was appropriate. 😉


Have an awesome Thursday and leave me something random about yourself in the comments!! One random fact about me = I skipped the 8th grade. #nerd


  1. 😆 I don’t think I’ve ever accidentally gotten caught up in watching baseball. It’s happened with football before, but that’s about where I draw the line. Hockey and snowboarding are about the only two sports I don’t mind sitting down to watch.

  2. If you ever see Truffle Pig Chocolate bars at the store, those are delicious! They are sized like your Denman Island chocolate bar.

    Have a great Thursday!

  3. I know what you mean about watching baseball on TV. But I like it in person. We’re heading down to Minneapolis next weekend to catch the Jays games. And also so that I can run the half marathon of course. Random fact: I am scared to dive. Yup, just like that kid in What About Bob…

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