Thinking Out Loud Thursday #16!

I am loving the hot hot hot weather in Alberta right now. Yesterday after work it was 27 degrees and gorgeous out! I started work earlier than normal which meant it was only mid-afternoon when I was off and although I was exhausted, I had the whole evening to relax! Welcome to another edition of Thinking Out Loud Thursday, linking up with Amanda @ Running With Spoons!


  • I mentioned that on my Sunday bike ride with my mom she may or may not have fallen off of her bike after not being able to unclip from her bike in time for an intersection. After we had showered and were hanging around the house Sunday afternoon my mom’s arms were stiffening up to the point that she couldn’t straighten them nor bend them. We headed to the MediCenter to get them checked out and the doctor sent her for X-Rays. A day later, she got called in and was told she fractured her left elbow and bruised her right! She is in a sling for a little while and won’t be running the Calgary half marathon this weekend but she intends to walk it as that doesn’t jar her arms as much. Don’t worry, she can still do the necessities.



One of our friends brought over the long straws so she could still drink her wine. She couldn’t even lift her arms the first day so she was worried about how she would enjoy happy hour. πŸ˜‰

  • One thing my mom tells her students and the kids in our neighbourhood about her injury – it could have been A LOT worse if she wasn’t wearing a helmet. SAFETY FIRST.


  • It’s hot here. And dry. And I feel the need to be constantly drinking water, like all the time. I took about 14 bathroom breaks yesterday at work because I couldn’t stop drinking water, and therefore couldn’t stop peeing. Every once and a while I jazz up my water a bit and because the box of oranges from Costco just NEVER seems to end, these are my slices of choice.


  • According to Pinterest, there are important combinations of fruit and herbs that you need to know about. For best results, combine with 12-16 oz of water… NOT 17 oz. THIS IS A VERY SPECIFIC RECIPE. πŸ˜‰



  • Accurate.


  • I went for a run at 5:15am yesterday and it felt like noon. Does the sun rise at like 2am now or something? It was the most fabulous run, so quiet and peaceful that literally zero cars passed me. 5 miles at an 8:48 min/mile pace. Slowly but surely getting back into it.


  • As seenΒ smelled on my run. In the morning when it’s quiet I can smell everything 89X more than in the afternoon. My mom and I went for a walk after work yesterday on the same route I did my run previously in the day and I didn’t even get a whiff of the lilacs but in the morning I could smell them even before I saw them!


  • I booked my flight and hotel to Chicago, IL for the Chicago marathon in October.


I am taking it easy with my next few workouts, in particular with cardio, as I will be running the Calgary 10K on Sunday. I’m not racing it in the slightest but after doing a combination of 5 miles running and 5 miles walking yesterday (throughout the day), I was feeling pretty tired and figured I needed to rest a bit before the race. I can’t wait to head to Calgary Friday night!

Have you ever fractured or broken a bone?

What time of day do you run? Mornings? Evenings?

One random thought you are thinking this Thursday?


  1. So I’m not the only one who has fallen using clip less pedals? Wine and chocolate cures all that ails. Not sure if I’ll be doing the half marathon walk or 10k walk. I’m pretending the injury isn’t there, but….

  2. So I’ve broken both of my elbows, but to the point where I’ve needed a pin (right) and screws (left) to hold them together. Go me!
    I should probably file that under the reasons why I should stick to clip shoes on the spin bike only.
    Have a fabulous weekend in Calgary πŸ™‚

  3. I’m so sorry this happened to your mom. Kudos to her for still walking the race even if she cannot run it. LOL @ her drinking the wine and getting into the M&Ms! I love it!
    I can relate to the non stop peeing and the never ending box of oranges from Costco! Our last box I ended up having to throw some of them out πŸ™

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