WIAW: All the colours.

If you’ve checked out my Instagram account you know that I love taking photos of my food so ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ is basically my jam (no pun intended). I’m linking up with Jenn @ Peas and Crayons for this edition of WIAW. It was a day full of colourful foods and sunshine… pretty much the perfect day.


AM Workout: 30 minutes easy elliptical and 60 minutes of upper body strength training!

Breakfast: While I was cooking my oatmeal I munched on some fruit. This is a recycled photo but in my bowl yesterday was pear, strawberries, and raspberries. I cooked up the most filling oatmeal ever! Oats, chia, and flax cooked in water, when that has thickened up, mix in egg whites and stick super quickly to fluff up the oats and add some protein!



Lunch: I packed this to eat while I was out doing surveys in a rural community. There aren’t any stores or places to buy food in the community so each time I go out I pack some healthy snacks. I cut the pepper up but took a photo before I did because it just looks prettier that way. 😉 Accompanying the pepper is a banana and a mix of pretzels, popcorn, pecans, and almonds.


Afternoon pick-me-up: Starbucks decaf iced americano with a splash of skim milk. On my way home from the community I stopped in at Starbucks for a refreshing drink! I always make sure I am getting tons of water too when I drink coffee otherwise I get headaches!



Dinner: A salad with ALL. THE. COLOURS. A weeks worth of vitamins in that rainbow bad boy. I also had some Mary’s Crackers (no added sugar; Costco; DELICIOUS) and hummus on the side. My spin class really likes when I have garlic hummus breath.



PM Workout: Instructing a 60-minute spin class!

Snack: Whole wheat flax pita with smashed avocado and parmesan cheese, broiled, as well as a sliced apple. Ambrosia apples are da bomb right now. I also had a cup of tea.

pita avo

Double workout days require lots of fuel! When I teach spin I go hard which makes Tuesdays and Thursdays intense workout days as I do strength in the morning and teach at night. It was a great day because my survey work finished early and I basically checked emails was on Pinterest in the sun all afternoon.

What did YOU eat yesterday?

Do you ever do double workout days? How often? 

How many days a week do you run?


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