All the feelings.

I think 89% of my male readers just stopped reading this post once they saw the title. I am having kind of a blah week and need a do-over. I went through about 47 moods yesterday, some good, some tired, some whiny. The day ended with lots of endorphins and excitement. I just have a lot of feelings right now okay?


Right now I am feeling…

LOST. After races, even 10Ks apparently, I feel lost without a training plan, a goal, or a structure to my workout. I enjoy the freedom of exercising how I want and when I want but I am a very structured person so it stresses me out not to be working towards something. I need a drink.


TIRED. I have been staying up way too late getting sucked into the blackhole of the internet… also known as YouTube. I love watching Garbage Time with Katie Nolan and somehow I ended up watching Christian Guzman workout videos, also known as Alphalete.


EXCITED. Marathon training starts on Monday for the Chicago Marathon. Woot woot (see feeling #1)!! I have an 18-week plan in the works and I am ready to fine tune my nutrition to get set for this race. This summer is going to be the best!


SCARED. In addition to being excited for marathon training, I am also terrified. As you may have figured out, I haven’t found the perfect marathon training plan or balance in my workouts. I get really excited about training and go hard, then wind up with an injury that prevents me from completing training. I am so determined not to let that happen again but it’s scary trying to figure out a new plan that will work for me.


SORE. I did legs yesterday… and the stair master… and spin. Well the stair master was actually part of the legs workout but holy that thing makes me work hard. I did 30 minutes of interval stair climbing and then 60 minutes of leg workouts. I included a lot of full-body moves like squat-to-shoulder-presses to get a great workout. My legs are so sore, it was a killer workout!! I loved it!!


HOARSE. Last night, I taught spin on my sore legs. I took it easy with my gear and just made my participants work hard because I am not going to overdo it going into training! My microphone died 15 minutes into class and apparently the 4 batteries stored in the stereo are dead as well. I had to yell for the rest of the class which was so much harder than I thought it would be! My participants said I did well handling the technical difficulties.


HAPPY. I worked from home yesterday and I got to hang out with my brother for a bit which was awesome because I hardly get to see him anymore. He works nights, I work days. He works out at 11am and I work out at 5:30am. We live on opposite schedules so it was nice to catch up! He’s the best brother in the world and probably the nicest person ever.


I think I covered most of the feelings possible which makes me sound slightly schizophrenic. I am so amped to get going with marathon training next week and I feel like I’m hitting the reset button on my fitness and nutrition. My brother and I chatted about our summer fitness goals yesterday and it’s so awesome to support him and have him support me, it’s hella easier to accomplish goals with each other’s support!

What are you feeling RIGHT NOW?

Do you go through cycles of training or try to stay at a certain maintenance phase year-round?

Any summer fitness goals?!


  1. My fingers are crossed that you don’t get injured! Maybe something is up with your running form – have you read the book Chi Running? A ton of runners credit it to their breakthrough of injury-free running.

    I go through phases of being really motivated to stick to my running/training plan, and not caring at all. I’m so busy with hiking/adventuring during the summer that I like to keep myself open to change.

    1. I remember reading and loving your post about Chi running, I should check it out! Is it just a book or like, a “concept.” Haha.

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