I thought weekends were supposed to be restful.

I love weekends. Despite the fact that I have worked at least one day on the weekend since I was 16, I still love that they feel different than the week days. I get to see my family more because everyone is hanging out around home more, I have a bit more free time to do fun stuff like cycle through ridiculous windy conditions, and my meals happen when I’m hungry and less on a schedule than during the week. I heart weekends. I did some fun stuff this weekend…

  • I walked to work on Friday. I only say it’s fun because that is when I listen to the lastest episode of the Jay & Dan podcast. I also get fresh air and top up the step counter on my iPhone… so there’s that.


  • I got picked up from work on Friday. Walking to work is one thing, walking home after work (it’s an hour walk) would make for one hangry girl. Thanks mom!
  • I ate SUSHI. I love sushi. Avocado rolls are where it’s at.


  • I made the decision to not post on Saturday mornings and cut my blogging to only 6 days a week. What a slacker. 😉
  • I ran 5 miles with my mom after sleeping in on Saturday morning. We just happened to wake up around the same time yesterday morning so we did our run together. 5 miles at an 8:55 min/mile pace as my Chicago Marathon Training week 2 long run. I love these single digit long runs… can it stay like this please?


  • After refuelling my run with some oatmeal, greek yogurt, and nectarine, I hopped on my bike with my dad and we headed out for what would become a W-I-N-D-Y ride! I mean, I drafted behind him the whole time so I can only guess that it was windy but my Garmin told me it was. 😉 Don’t worry, I did my part and took the lead when the wind was at our backs… I’m recycling this photo because we genuinely wore the same thing on our ride yesterday. 52km in just under 2 hours.

post ride

  • I went to the Farmer’s Market for the first time this year!! It opened last weekend and I couldn’t wait to go yesterday afternoon! We bought a bag of multi-coloured carrots, honey, and beef jerky (obvs not me). I love carrots.
  • I finished the book “Leaving Time” by Jodi Picoult… MIND BLOWN. The ending was so good and I just had to keep reading to see how it finished.

Clearly I had a family and fitness filled weekend! Sleep is going to be a key component of my marathon training this season so I made sure to do plenty of that too! 😉

What did YOU do this weekend?

Do you get to walk to work? How do you commute?

Favourite farmer’s market find?


  1. I LOVE The Farmer’s Market. But every time I go there I spent like $100. I love Going Nuts – their Chocolate Hazelnut Butter is my fave indulgence. I was just in on Friday and I picked up 3 big bags of garden peas 🙂 they’re my favourite this time of the year! I’m glad you finally got to check it out!

  2. I love that your whole family is physically fit! My family lives in Newfoundland so I rarely get to see them. They think I’m crazy for the running that I do LOL. I work 30 km from my house so I do not walk to work although coworkers I’ve joked with me about running to work. I think to myself “I could totally run that, just not every day.” LOL

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