June Stretching & July Goals.

July, say what? I feel like I barely got a chance to start my June challenge and here we are, heading into a new month! I am so excited for these next two months, especially because it appears Canada is going to have a hot hot hot summer!


In June, I decided to challenge myself to stretch or foam roll for 10 minutes EVERY day. You can check out my challenge HERE. To be honest, I don’t think I got the full 10 minutes in every day, it was more in the range of 5-10 minutes post-workout. I definitely got more stretching in than I normally would. Admittedly, most of it came out of dominating my workouts and just wanting to lie on the ground and let my muscles rest when I was done. I feel like giving myself a B+ on my June stretching goals. Not quite an A for effort, but I didn’t completely fail.

I still can’t touch my toes.


As for my July goals, they are definitely long-term-goal-focused, but will give me some great intermediate challenges to get me to those goals. I may or may not have mentioned that I signed up to do a century ride in the Tour De L’Alberta on August 9th, which is a 160km (100mile) ride around the french towns here in central Alberta, so one of my July goals is to get a 100km ride in. I know that I can accomplish the 160km, even if it means pushing my bike the last 20km, but I really want to be prepared for it.


If you want to check out my recap from last year’s Tour, where I rode 100km, you can see it HERE! My second goal is focused on hiking the West Coast Trail at the end of August, in July I am going to head to the mountains at least once for a weekend of hiking.

There we have it, before my mileage ramps up too much with Chicago marathon training, I am looking forward to focusing on having hiking and cycling in my weekly workouts. I think these goals are totally doable but will also challenge me… hello, have you tried sitting on a bike seat for four hours?? Oh lordy.

  • Ride 100km in preparation for the Tour De L’Alberta.
  • Head to the mountains for a weekend of hiking.


Do you have any goals for July?

Any upcoming races in July or August? 

If I’m looking for a great 5-8 hour hike to do in Canmore/Banff, where should I go?


  1. I love all your goals! I’ve heard the WCT is amazing!!! (and I grew up on the west coast haha!)

    I want to have a healthy, injury-free, start to marathon training which includes lots of stretching and more strength work.

  2. That is one hell of a July goal! You got this!!

    My goal for July is to start my half marathon training for October. It’ll be my first 🙂 This upcoming weekend I’m running a 4-mile race with my boyfriend. I’ve set a goal to run 20 races by my 25th birthday and it’ll be number 3.

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