Marathon Monday: CMT Week 1.

Marathon Monday – FINALLY. I feel super excited to be back to talking about marathon training. I had severe hatred for my Marathon Monday posts when I was injured because I wasn’t actually training for a marathon like I was suppose to be! A solid 11 mile week 1 training with cross training, stretching, and strength training to keep me balanced.

Marathon Monday

So far I really like running my main “long run” on Saturday, even though this week’s running kind of sucked, because Sunday I felt so free and able to relax and do whatever I wanted! Yesterday I slept in and got some much needed sleep. I felt like I was running on empty for the last few days and waking up feeling refreshed is always an awesome way to start the day.

I got to workout with my brother yesterday so we did a strength training session at the gym, focusing on chest, as well as 15 minutes of boxing. I followed Stuart’s chest workout and did like 30% of the weight he did. For most exercises we did 4 sets of 10 reps and it was tough! I’m glad I had somebody to spot me when I was lifting that barbell with SO MUCH air on it. 😉 After a sweaty and quick boxing session, I had a peanut butter and chocolate protein shake before heading out for a 5km walk with my mom! That topped off my solid week of workouts!

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 1.14.41 PM

I did some errands, including coffee with friends, the library, Costco, and The Running Room. The Running Room annual tent sale was happening so I stopped by to see if they had MY shoe in MY size. I am mostly wearing one and only one type of running shoe right now and that would be the Brooks Ravenna. Having big feet pays off sometimes.


I got two pairs of shoes for close to what I was planning on paying for one! I love this shoe so much and I think I am officially stocked up for this training cycle! When I was at Costco I had a cart full of the essentials and decided to pick up a box of frozen edamame. These are so good and made for a perfect afternoon snack alongside cottage cheese.


Week 1 Lesson: As I was looking at my training schedule for the next 18 weeks, I started to feel super overwhelmed glancing at the peak weeks in the schedule, and even at the next couple weeks where I had my first mile time trial. It is super important to stay focused on the next run or the next workout and not get distracted by what lies ahead. Taking it one week at a time and not looking too far ahead in my schedule is going to be this week’s lesson learned.


I’m going to try and come up with a lesson I learned or want to share each week of this Chicago Marathon Training (CMT). It won’t be hard because as many of you know, training for a marathon is FULL of lessons, ups and downs, challenges, and triumphs.

What was the BEST part of your weekend? 

Did anyone race this weekend? How did it go?!


  1. It feels like running shoes are so pricey here! I used to order them online in the US all the time but with the Canadian dollar not being so good right now I just bought a pair from the Running Room last week. It wasn’t a part of the tent sale but I think they were running some kind of sale on running shoes?

    I love the idea of sharing your lessons learned each week. I try to make notes on that in my training log for each workout if at all possible.

    Have a great week!

  2. Ravenna 5’s are the best. I often enjoy being part of the Sasquatch Club as I like to call it because I can usually find at least SOMETHING left in my size 🙂

  3. What a lovely weekend! I’m still trying to figure out which races I want to do over the summer & fall.
    The highlight of my weekend was spending some quality time with my long distance BF & reading in bed for most of the day on Sunday.

    Hey I think I might be coming to Edmonton this weekend. Are you going to be around?

    1. No way! I was actually thinking about heading to the mountains to do some hiking (FINALLY!) but I can stick around if you want to meet up!!! What are you up to here?

  4. I never look at the end of a training schedule because it scares me, ha ha. I raced this weekend and had an amazing time.
    One thing I learnt is I’m stronger than I think. I also realized that if I actually stuck to a marathon training plan I bet I could knock off a lot of time.

    1. You are SO MUCH stronger than you think. Look at that ridiculously hilly race you just did… HOLY CONGRATULATIONS girl!!

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