Marathon Monday: CMT Week 2.

Last week’s training recap: Chicago Marathon Training Week 1.

Another week of injury-free training in the books… let’s keep it that way! This week I felt like I dominated my workouts, and then caught the cold that literally everybody has in my neighbourhood right now, and took yesterday off to rest and recover, as well as spend time with my dad! I didn’t mention it in yesterday’s post, but Happy Father’s Day dad!



This guy is my rock. The most incredible human being I know and he has taught me the most valuable life lessons and skills. I love him so much and I was happy to spend the afternoon watching him give a speech a National Aboriginal Day event yesterday.


Aside from venturing down to the park for my dad’s speech, I basically did NOTHING all day yesterday. I slept 11 hours Saturday night, woke up and made protein pancakes with peanut butter for breakfast, lazed around, watched Still Alice, cried watching Still Alice, made dinner, returned to lazing around. I think it was just what my body needed but I felt so weird not exercising! Originally I thought I could use my day off for a quick hike, or an adventure in Elk Island National Park, or completing a strength workout with my brother…

i passed out on my keyboard

Food and movies > exercising according to my sniffly nose, sore throat, and achy body. Farm fresh carrots from the farmer’s market, roasted in butter-infused olive oil and fresh dill. Ahmigod.


Lesson Learned (#2): My weekly lesson this week was RUN WITH PEOPLE, it’s more fun that way. I ran 3/4 runs this week with my mom because she is following along with my training plan and compared to my typical solo running, it is so much better running with someone else! The miles go by so much faster and we got some great venting time in!

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 1.47.04 PM

After a tough week of workouts, I totally needed that rest day, it’s just too bad it came with a sore throat and such! Ready for week three which includes the first mile time trial of the plan. I’m a little nervous for that one but I feel like I’m starting fresh with this training cycle and have nothing to compare it to, so who cares what my mile time is!

What was the highlight of your weekend? 

How often do you take a rest day?


  1. You didn’t tell your fellow bloggers that I kick your butt every time we run…. cause I do, you know.. Well, I try to. Well, you usually talk away while I’m panting and dying.

  2. YAY for injury free weeks!!! I love following along with you training!

    How do you create those training-recap photos? I’m useless at stuff like that and I would love to add something like that to mine once I get going…

    I wish we lived closer. I would absolutely run with you!!

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