Marathon Monday: CMT Week 3.

Last week’s training recap: Chicago Marathon Training Week 2.

I feel so apprehensive when I talk about my marathon training because I just think something is inevitably going to go wrong the more I say “thing are going well!” BUT as of now, I am three weeks in and feeling great. I am really liking the low mileage part of this training plan because it gives me so much time to focus on strength training, which I have really started to love… oh, and that stretching nonsense.

Marathon Monday

This week I did my first 1-mile Time Trial, which you can read about HERE. I finished the 1600m in 6:55.4. After taking so much time off and slowly easing myself back into running, I was happy with my time and look forward to improving it over the course of the next few months.

Sundays are my “rest/cross training/prehab” days. I absolutely love getting my 6 workouts done before Sunday and having the day to choose my form of exercise, or choose not to exercise at all! This Saturday long run thing is awesome. After sleeping ELEVEN hours on Saturday night, I woke up refreshed and ready for a great workout. I was looking forward to doing something fun with my brother like bike riding or a game of tennis but asking him to do something fitness-related with me never goes as well as I hope. 😉


After a delicious protein-packed oatmeal breakfast, I hit up the gym for what I thought was going to be strength training, but I ended up doing a cardio circuit that had my heart pounding for an entire hour. When your workout STARTS with a warm up on the Jacob’s ladder, you know it’s going to be a sweaty one. I ran stairs, I used the battle ropes, I did step ups, I did 2-minute intervals on the rowing machine… and I sweat… a lot. When I left the gym, I was dripping in sweat and so pumped about dominating my workout.


It was a smokin’ hot day out, which means when I was mowing the lawn in the evening I felt like I was getting a double workout because I was sweating like crazy. This is what my car said when I was doing errands later in the day.


SO FREAKING HOT. Combine that with black leather seats and it’s safe to say I burnt my ass cheeks multiple times yesterday… why are my shorts so short?


I am ready to start week four of training, which entails a 9-mile long run. If this heat doesn’t chill the eff out, I’m going to be doing those 9 miles in the middle of the night. My tattoo will be 3 weeks old this week, which means I can hop back in the pool and get some swimming back in my life! Here is a look at my week of workouts this past week.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.01.55 PM

A total of 19.91 miles this week. WOAH, so elite.


Lesson Learned: Run based on feel, or heart rate, and not always pace. It’s no secret I’m a numbers girl, but I spent the week running based on how I felt and not specific paces, which was a nice feeling. Some daysI felt great, others not so much, but I ran to suit how I felt and it was great. While I know lots of people follow very specific pace-based workouts, HR and effort sometimes tell me a much better story about my training than pace does. 😀

What was the last workout you DOMINATED?!

Favourite thing from this weekend?

Do you get more active in the sunshine or less active?


  1. I’m pretty sure I’d die trying to run a sub-7 minute mile, even if it was just one 🙂

    I’m a big fan of listening to my body for pace. I like to use my HRM as well since on the days my HR is elevated I probably need to run a bit slower.

  2. This heat is crazy but I don’t want to complain because I know the winter will be here in an instant! I’ve been running really early or really late. Or, on my treadmill. I should go to the gym and take advantage of air conditioning though haha!!

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