Peanut Butter Protein Powder.

Guys. You KNOW how much I love peanut butter. (See peanut butter love posts HERE, HERE, and HERE.) Well apparently I live under a rock (or a pile of interview transcripts and public health research papers) because I did not know that peanut butter flavoured protein powder was a thing.


Get your lulu leggings on and head to the store now because PEANUT BUTTER PROTEIN POWDER. As someone who has been doing a lot of strength training recently (not heavy or long might I add), I have found that I perform and recover a lot better with a tad more protein in my diet… what better way to enjoy it that pbpro.

pb pro

Don’t expect it to taste like peanut butter. I mean, not the delicious fatty goodness that natural peanut butter tastes like, it tastes more like a peanut butter cookie which I am very okay with. I think I have actually tried it only one way – blended with milk and ice – but it is incredible. You could even go half scoop chocolate and half scoop peanut butter and make a Reese’s protein shake!

pb cooke shake

So delicious and a great switch up from my usual chocolate. I go for whey protein powder most times, though that is an animal based protein (made from milk), I just never ever ever ever feel as full with a vegan protein powder despite them containing similar amino acids and whey is a lot more budget friendly I have found! I do dabble in both, with Vega being my go-to plant-based protein powder.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping with my brother and he said “These are my “FAVA-rite beans!” and then laughed for a solid two minutes straight.


A three mile run on my agenda this morning and hopefully some core exercises because I promised myself (and the internet world) that I would at least try to do more core. Then I will probably find an excuse to have a peanut butter protein shake for breakfast… and lunch… and dinner… 😉 Just kidding.

Do you use a protein powder to supplement protein needs?

What are you having for breakfast lately?!


  1. I probably end up having a scoop of protein powders once a day, usually for breakfast blended with milk, Greek yogurt, and frozen raspberries. I find it hard to get enough protein (especially at breakfast) without it.
    And I agree, the Vega protein is good but it’s way too expensive, especially compared to the large tub of whey powder I can get at Costco.

    1. Totally! He’s hooked! And now he’s got me hooked on both his and Nikki’s videos. I really love strength training so it’s nice to have that balance with running. I am so excited for the July 13th launch of Alphalete because I need to match my bro’s swag! 😉

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