Prioritizing sleep… aka I’m sleeping in.

I could tell you that I’m basically a star athlete and I am prioritizing sleep in order to become a better runner but truthfully, I’m just letting myself sleep in. I have so much (read; too much) freedom in my grad school program during the summer so my office hours are up to me. It’s a miracle I even go to school to be honest.


I typically set my alarm for 4:45am and hit snooze twice before heading to the gym around 5:15am but the earliest I have worked out this week has been 6:13am, according to Garmin, which is definitely sleeping in for me! I didn’t feel too good on Sunday and this cold is taking it’s sweet time leaving my system so sleep is winning the morning battle. I ain’t even mad.

Sleep = energy… and working out with no energy is just no fun. In fact, runners (and obviously people who exercise a lot) need to sleep more.

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As soon as my workouts start to suck and I seem to be dragging my feet, I look back and realize I haven’t been sleeping enough that week. I talk about it HERE, sleep is so underestimated. I have WAY less energy, I eat more than I need to, I get hangry easier, and I’m just a party pooper when I don’t sleep enough. It’s been kind of nice rolling out of bed late and nailing my workouts, rather than getting up at 5am no matter what and becoming frustrated with my workouts.

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Yesterday I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical mentally preparing myself for my strength workout. I did shoulders and chest, two of the hardest muscle groups for me, and I wanted to kill it. I used some of the moves my brother showed me like the cable chest fly and incline chest press, as well as did a lot of shoulder press exercises and felt so good and sore when I left the gym.


I may or may not be running my long run this morning, because tomorrow morning I work super early. I think my schedule is going to be a little switched around the next few days but whatever, it’ll work out! I will certainly get all of my miles in but they all have to be done early in the morning because the temperatures are supposed to be 30+ this weekend!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

What is one tip you have for improving sleep?


  1. I love this! I’m a night runner most of the time, and it’s mostly because I need my sleep and as a night owl I find it easier to sleep a bit later in order to get it. I laughed when you said we need dark rooms in order to sleep well – I live in Alaska and it’s never dark at night during the summer, and it makes it hard for me to go to bed early because the sun sets around midnight! I need to do something about that!

  2. Sleeping in for me is like… 7:30-8am. I’m one of those annoying morning people who likes to get on with the day & not waste it.

    I need a dark, cold room in order to fall asleep – and to unwind with a book. I usually fall asleep reading every night!

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