Reading, reading, and I can’t move my arms.

On Sunday, I hit up the gym with my brother for a chest workout. Sunday is my “free” day in this schedule so I was up to do his workout without even worrying about getting certain mileage or certain strength in. We did supersets for most exercises and for each one we did 4 sets of 10 reps. Usually I do 3 sets of 8-12 reps so it was definitely tough but when we finished I didn’t feel too bad.

Then Monday morning came and I couldn’t reach over and shut my alarm off.


My ego got in the way of me doing proper stretching and hydrating and such and I thought my brother’s workout was far too easy for my obviously superior chest and arm muscles. HAHAHAHA. I forgot how awesome that soreness is when you think how hard you hard to push yourself t be that sore. Next time: stretching my upper body. P.S. Thanks Stuart for kicking my ass.

When we got home from the gym on Sunday, I mentioned we boxed for 15 minutes. We were seroiusly exhausted after 15 minutes. I bought boxing gloves and hand mitts last week and I was so stoked to try them out. Turns out… boxing is SUCH an awesome strength AND cardio workout. I love trying to sweat-enducing workouts!


Reading #1: I go through serious binges of reading where I’ll read 17 books in like 2 months and then I won’t open a book for months. I am determined to jump back on the reading train so I stopped by the library on the weekend. Currently I’m reading Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult.


Reading #2: These articles, tho. So funny and super accurate. If you are looking for ways to extend your coffee break, outsmart your friends, or learn something new and awesome, check out these links.

  • Does Skipping Breakfast Affect Performance? We all know that breakfast is supposedly the most important meal of the day but does it really affect evening workout performance? The answer is YES… well, for those that normally eat breakfast, but it’s more about habit than anything. If you typically eat breakfast and then stop, your performance is going to be affected because you are hungrier than normal and running on less fuel.
  • A Question You Might Want to Ask Yourself More Often? “What would I tell my bestfriend?” As humans, we tend to be super hard on ourselves. We typically look to others to lift us up and then when we fail we beat ourselves up. Let’s stop that, okay? Think about if your friend was in your exact situation, what you would tell them. It probably wouldn’t be as harsh as the things you said to yourself!
  • Gluten and Endurance. Does a gluten free diet affect performance? In a super small but significant study, reseachers discover that, NO, gluten does not affect peformance… other than obviously if you are celiac. Each person performs best on a different diet, and it’s probably not gluten free.
  • You almost certainly don’t need to replenish your electrolytes. Cold hard truth post from Yoni Freedhoff. In a SIX HOUR endurance ride study, having electrolytes versus water didn’t make any significant difference in the riders performance. It always seems to blow my mind when I see 5Kers drinking Gatorade after their event! Consider the fuel you truly need for your workout and post-workout. 😛
  • Does Knowing Your Splits Help You Run Faster? Running naked (no GPS) versus running with ALL THE TECHNOLOGY… does it affect pace? The answer is yes. The more feedback you have, the better you are able to pace yourself, not start out to fast, and know when to kick at the end, but as far as perceived effort goes – no difference. I haven’t even glanced at my pace this training cycle… I know I’m slower than normal due to the strength training I’ve been doing, and honestly, I really don’t care right now! I’m running for fun! 😀

I have no gross sweaty selfies from my workouts because once again, I failed at the self-timer running photos. A cyclist was passing me when I tried to take one and I was embarrassed so I pretended I dropped my phone and picked it up and ran away as fast as I could. #fail

Any non-breakfast eaters out there? I know I for one couldn’t survive past 9am without food but I have friends at the gym who don’t eat breakfast at all and workout at 6am!

Last book you read? I need suggestions! 😉

Have you even tried boxing or kick boxing? Did your shoulders fall off your body, because that’s what mine are going to do!


  1. I am currently reading A House In The Sky by Amanda Lindhout (from Sylvan Lake AB) and it is SO good! I’m not even into the juicy middle but the first 8 chapters have got me hooked!

  2. I’m reading Crime of Privilege now (by Walter Walker). I just started but the writing is pretty good so far. The second chapter is… well if you can get past the second chapter it’s not bad.
    I struggle with upper body workout stuff. I have noodle arms with very little muscle (which gets sore very easily)

  3. I just read The Girl on the Train which definitely lived up to the hype! I read it in 1 day – couldn’t put it down!!

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