Rx: No back sweating.

Yesterday was a pretty strange and awesome day. My relatives arrived from Winnipeg to attend my aunt’s Masters graduation ceremony. She took courses for 4 years while working full time and being a mom to 2 kids… superwoman much? We are all super proud of her so the girls in the family flew out to attend her grad ceremony. A while ago we booked tattoo appointments so we could get them done together! Yup, this straight-A nerd with no street cred just got inked!


I have had this tattoo idea on lock down for three years. A few ideas have come and gone but this one stuck for years and I knew I needed to get it. So, obviously it’s a mountain range. I sent the tattoo artist a three page document to sketch from and she NAILED IT. I sent her how I wanted the mountains drawn, and the specific range I wanted drawn and I am in love with it.

POP QUIZ: Which mountain range is this (located in the Rocky Mountains)?


“Even though I live in the prairies, I know the mountains always have my back.”

I got really nervous as we headed to the tattoo shop but once she started I was so calm and it didn’t even hurt. I swear my therapeutic massage was more painful on Monday… for real. It was red at first when she did it but after a couple of hours it was normal. These photos also feature my sick tan lines.


The tattoo care “suggested” no excessive exercise for three weeks after the tattoo because sweat is really bad for the ink. Ummm, I taught spin last night.

I blasted the industrial fan on my back to keep it from getting sweaty and I didn’t do all of the drills at 110%, and once I finished it was fine. I cleaned it with warm water and dried it and it felt great. I will keep on my training schedule because the tattoo is not in a place that stretches or moves a ton when I run. 😀


There was a thunderstorm that went through while we were spinning last night and a hail warning even came over the PA system warning people to stay inside. Craziness. Luckily, it made my drive home a beauty.


Definitely a cool experience getting a tattoo and I love it. I have a nice and easy 2 mile run this morning so I won’t even break a sweat. 😉

Do you have a tattoo? What is it? 

Latest workout? Tell me about it!!


  1. I probably would not get a tattoo if it meant I couldn’t stick to training plan for 3 weeks lol. So I’d probably do it…and then find ways around the sweating thing. Somehow. Or be the girl with the streaky tattoo. I’ve always wanted a small one on the underside of my forearm but I can’t decide what and I don’t want to later think “that’s cheesy”. Yours is beautiful! Very brave. I don’t think I could do my back. I’m still conscious of this “forever” thing….no, I’m not a grandma 🙂

    1. I was definitely conscious of the forever thing too. I like that I can hide mine if I need to and most of the time I can’t even see it haha! It took me a solid three years of having this idea in my head before I actually pulled the trigger and got it done!

  2. I love your new tattoo and especially the meaning behind it. Nature just has a way of understanding you and whenever I’m struggling, I feel like the mountains are there for me.
    I actually have no idea what mountain range that is. Hahaha (What is it?)

    I have a tattoo on my wrist that says, “look to the mountains”

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Hey Kris! I have a tattoo in the same place! Thats so funny. It is pretty fun to get once you get over the initial nerves 🙂 Mine is of a quill writing the word “love”. This tattoo looks really good!

  4. I love your tattoo!! I’m getting one finished this weekend and I’m super concerned about how I’m gonna keep my workout schedule afterward. It’s on my arm so I guess I’ll be sticking to lower body for a few weeks :(((

    1. That is honestly my biggest concern now… umm, how do I still workout? 😛 At least the arm is easy to clean and lotion haha!

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