Savouring this Sunday.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day up in this hood. I went for a swim, did some strength training with my dad and made him rock out to Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood while we lifted weights, and then I enjoyed a morning of relaxation before work. I actually picked up a couple of awesome fitness accessories that will be making an appearance on the blog in no time (teaser alert). 😉

At work, my coworker told me all about her recent engagement.


In reality she is actually the sweetest girl on the planet and deserves the best wedding, marriage, million babies, and much less sarcastic coworkers. 🙂 It is so weird that all of the people my age are getting engage, married, and having kids (on purpose). Also, how has it been five years since I graduated high school?


This past week was a weird one. Even though I didn’t make it even close to the marathon in Calgary, due to my stress fracture (last time I talk about it I promise), I still feel kind of like I went through a cycle of training. Sure, it wasn’t 20-milers and speed work I was doing but the mental preparation, the hours of strength training and stretching, the planning, the emotional roller coaster, it was all intense and allowed me to rock the Calgary 10K! I truly felt like I needed a week off of training after only 4 weeks of actual running! So that’s exactly what I did.

Sometimes exiting a training cycle leaves a weird feeling. You’re lost, you’re tired, you feel like you should still be working your butt off, but you don’t know whether you are ending something or starting something.


I kind of felt like that after the 10K. I wasn’t quite ready to start training for Chicago and was still making my schedule, but I also wasn’t really training for anything else so I had no reason to lace up, suit up, or strap on! I took advantage of my lack of training schedule and just did the workouts I wanted when I wanted to. It was heaven. Today is actually the last day before marathon training starts again and I have an 18-week marathon training program ready to go beginning tomorrow morning for the Chicago marathon. I have actually LOVED this past week. I only ran ONCE, conveniently on National Running Day, but I swam three times, biked, span, walked, and did a lot of strength training. THE. BEST.


This past week was great for letting me do what my body wanted to do. I actually got to do a leg workout because I didn’t have a scheduled run the next day that would make me shy away from leg day. I swam simply because I felt like gliding through the water instead of pounding the pavement. As I was finalizing my Chicago training schedule I used this last week to think about what I really wanted to do for workouts each day… and I included swimming, biking, and strength as part of my training so I don’t feel like I am solely focused on running. This next cycle is going to be a good one guys, I can feel it.


I am heading out for a long bike ride with my dad this morning and will be enjoying my last day without a “plan.” It’s good to have these weeks to remind us that working out is always suppose to make us happy and shouldn’t ever be stressful. I am stoked to start tomorrow off on the right foot and I will share details about my training plan in tomorrow’s Marathon Monday post! Happy Sunday!

How many “training cycles” do you run through a year or are you always training?

Do you get tired of doing the same things over and over or is repetition comforting?

Favourite workout lately?!


  1. I’m finalizing my Chicago marathon training soon too! This is my first marathon so super nervous!

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