Sparkling water is my jam.

As the temperatures outside get hotter and hotter, sparkling water just becomes better and better. Sometimes I struggle to keep hydrated but with a pink grapefruit Perrier sparking water, I am the queen of hydration.


I used to think pop hurt my stomach whenever I had the occasional Diet Coke because of the carbonation but I think it was the artifical sweetner and such that was doing it. I love the refreshing carbonation of Perrier, San Pellegrino, and club soda! My favourite is the grapefruit Perrier!


Weird trend alert: when I started drinking a carbonated water as my “treat” in the afternoon, I spent a whole lot less on Starbucks. Yay for my auto-reload lasting more than a week! I guess the little bit of non-boring water “treat” aspect is really just what I need to get over that 3pm low-energy dip in the afternoon.

In a culture and food class in undergrad, I learned that European nations drink a whole lot more sparkling mineral water (carbonated water) than North Americans. This dietary trend was assoctiated with a high calcium intake for Europeans compared to North Americans! In one 500ml bottle of Perrier, there is 8% of your daily calcium! Some studies showed that high intake of sparkling mineral water was also associated with high intake of magnesium (up to 29%)!


I go from not-at-all thirsty to 127-hours-worthy thirsty in about 2.3 seconds when I see we have cold sparkling water in the fridge. After a hot workout (which I’m not doing until my tattoo heals 😉 ) or a long day, it’s such a refreshing drink! Plus, NO SWEETENER!

What is your favourite summertime refreshing beverage?

Plans for the weekend?