That summer grillin’ tho.

My brother and I have a habit of saying, “That ____ tho,” whenever we’re together even though we hate when people say ridiculous hipster stuff like that in public. We also like rap with a lot of profanity and making dubsmash videos when we hang out so don’t trust our judgement. Yesterday I biked to work for the first time in my life. I really need want a commuter bike so I don’t have to take my road bike with clip pedals everywhere! It was super awesome to cycle to work especially because it was gorgeous out and took 1/3 of the time of walking. Yay for being that sweaty coworker! 😉


I was super hungry when I got home from work so while my brother grilled up some burgers I grilled tempeh and zucchini. I covered the tempeh in BBQ sauce and sprayed the zucchini with olive oil spray. Summer grilling is the best!


Stuart made homemade onion rings and they were really good! So crunchy but the onion was soft. I love when he has days off and has time to make dinner for me. 😉 I told him he needs his own blog or vlog to talk about all of his recipes and workouts because he is a really great cook and does a ton of awesome strength training!


We had our burgers on fresh buns, his a beef burger and mine a tempeh burger. I decided a paring knife should cut my bun in half but Stuart is obviously the smart one and used a serrated knife. I guess that makes me the ‘pretty one.’


Eating on the patio = happiness. As does his Franks Redhot sauce apparently.



We had a relaxing evening hanging out outside! I am always so drained by Friday night! We played some basketball, badminton, football, and kicked around a soccer ball instead of our original plan of watching a movie… active living for the win! After a killer leg workout on Thursday morning I haven’t been able to walk like a normal person. I did a bit of upper body yesterday and some SUPER light elliptical to try and get my legs loosened up a bit. I am really glad I made a June challenge to stretch for at least 10 minutes every day because I really need it! It looks like a beautiful weekend ahead here in Alberta so have a fabulous couple of days!

How do you get to work? Walk, cycle, drive, public transport?

What does a typical Friday night look like for you?