The feel-good runs are coming.

I know for a fact that the feel good runs are on the way. My Friday morning 2-miler and my Saturday afternoon 4-miler both sucked and that can only mean one thing… the next few runs will be great! I am struggling with the spin at night and run in the morning routine but it’ll get better the more I get into marathon training. 🙂 My face just looked entirely unimpressed for my run on Friday. Yes, it was beautiful weather, but my legs were so not wanting to run!

meh run

I started with a couple minutes of warm-up walking and noticed that my heel was hurting a bit, like a blister feeling. I tried to push my heel to the back of my shoe to pop it and when I started running I couldn’t even feel it. When I got home I found this loveliness.


It wasn’t even a blister, more like a cut on the back of my foot? Weird. I struggled through those 2 miles and then after working early early early in the morning Saturday, I did my 4-miler at the indoor track in the afternoon. It wasn’t a terrible run, and I was running sub-9 miles but I just wasn’t feelin’ it. I focused on maintaining my form, posture, and breathing… not so much for efficiency, but for the hot guys also working out around the track.

I ran inside because it was raining outside and I would rather get sweat on my tattoo than rain. #krislogic


Ok, I’ve had enough of the super short but feel super long runs, and now I am ready for the feel good runs. I think I just need a good sleep but while my relatives are here, the whole “you can sleep when you’re dead” thing applies. On Friday night we had the best spread for dinner… ALL THE CHEESE.

cheese spread

Brie was my favourite, but a smoked cheddar on lime and cranberry crisps? OMG.


I had a somewhat successful first week of training this week and I will be back with a recap tomorrow for Marathon Monday. The one awesome thing that I kept reminding myself as I was running fast-waddling this weekend was that I wasn’t in ANY PAIN. How can I complain about running when I was complaining about NOT running last month? As I was lapping the track yesterday I thought to myself, “It’s been 3 miles and I haven’t even had to think about my foot and whether I was in pain or if I was adjusting my form to compensate or anything!” It was pretty awesome and I just know that fabulous running is on the way. 😀

Ever have those kinds of runs where you feel like you’re wearing ankle weights? What do you do to get through it?

Favourite kind of cheese (if you eat it) – GO!


  1. If it makes you feel any better, my tattoo artist said that the big concern with sweat isn’t so much your own. It’s other people’s nasty bodily fluids. So definitely limit your own sweat as much as you mentally can handle, but as long as it’s been a few days and you’re not leaning on dirty equipment or yoga mats then you’re probably okay.

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