The latest songs to add to your workout playlist.

Soooo, I forgot to take photos of my meals this week so no WIAW. I promise to be better about that one. I revamped my spin playlist yesterday because I love working out to new and fun music. It seems like every artist has put out some amazing tracks this spring, just in time for summer, so I thought I’d share the ones I’m spinning, running, and lifting to!

  • Right Now by JRDN. Not as crazy upbeat as I’d typically run to but it’s an awesome lifting song, plus I just think it’s catchy!

  • Renegades by X Ambassadors. I first heard this song on a Jeep commercial and knew I had to track it down. It starts slow but then picks up and I like to run to it and stairclimb to it.

  • Guilty as Sin by Dan Talevski. Another awesome running song but we did sprints to this one in spin class last night so it works for both. Typically the best running songs are equally as great in a spin class because they get us just as amped!

I am also still rocking out to “Shut up and Dance” simply because I really just want to dance when I hear it. I am doing a lot more strength training lately and there are times I really have to control myself and not dance around the weights section of the gym. It’s a real problem.

Yesterday, I tried the Teavana Kona Pineapple Pop tea. I was super hesitant to try it because I am usually NOT a fruity tea girl. Peppermint? Yes. Cinnamon spice? Yes. Blueberry? Hellz to the no. What have I been missing guys, this stuff is INCREDIBLE. Go raid your local Starbucks.


I refilled my venti cup of tea because it was so good. That also means I took many many many trips to the bathroom at school. Worth it. This morning’s workout consists of a 4-mile run and strength training… let’s hope my spin legs aren’t super sore for my run!

Favourite kind of tea?

Current jams?


  1. I’m gonna have to try that tea because I so AM a fruity tea kinda girl. My favorite is forever the Republic of Tea Peach Green Tea though. I go through a can of tea bags way too quickly in the winter. (Summer I switch to iced coffee for the most part.)

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