The other half of my marathon training plan.

What are the two things that go hand in hand when talking about health? Exercise and healthy eating, right? I’ve been dominating the exercise part of that but my healthy eating has slightly fallen off the tracks, nothing ridiculous, but could definitely use some fine tuning. Heading into marathon training, not only did I consider the exercise portion of marathon training, I took a good hard look at how I needed to plan my nutrition to meet my goals.

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That once a month dark chocolate that was a treat for me became an every weekend indulgence. That popcorn that happened when I watched a movie every few weeks was a nightly snack. That little dollop of peanut butter on my oatmeal became more peanut butter than oatmeal. Portion sizes? What are those? Just because it’s healthy food doesn’t mean it’s calorie free. I am really going to reign in my nutrition in order to better attain my physical goals!

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1. Vitamins. I have been really good lately at taking my daily vitamins (D, B12, iron). You’re going to think I’m crazy but I have an old-lady pill caddy that I set up each weekend so I don’t forget a day of vitamins. Guess what? IT WORKS.

2. Protein. It’s not hard to get enough protein on a typical vegetarian diet, but for a vegetarian who is marathon training, loves to exercise, and is looking to lean up, getting my daily protein is going to take some conscious effort. I discovered vegan hickory smoked jerky yesterday and it changed my life.

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3. Choosing the ‘right’ carbs. Less fruit, more vegetables. Less dried fruit, more yams and root vegetables. Less pitas and tortilla chips, more quinoa and wild rice. It’s not about taking carbohdrates right out of my diet but making those carbohydrates work for me. Oh and cereal… not the ‘right’ carbs for me. 😉


4. Treats that aren’t food. Instead of working my ass off training and then “treating” myself to a million calories worth of dark chocolate and peanut butter (can you tell what my weaknesses are?), I am going to reward myself for hard training with new running shoes, a massage, or a pedicure… things that don’t happen very often and will be more of a treat to my body than sugary food.


5. Sleep. Okay, not so much nutrition related, but sleep really keeps me on my nutrition game. When I’m tired or I get hangry, I make really terrible food choices. Anything sounds good when you’re tired and starving so that is what I eat… ANYTHING. Forget that I’m going to school literally studying human nutrition, all bets are off when I’m hangry. I notice an incredible difference in my hunger and satiety throughout the day when I get enough sleep.

These are obviously super general nutrition goals, and I have more concrete numbers in my training journal but just so you know what I’m working on, those are 5 things I am reigning in with my marathon training nutrition. In case you missed it, here is the first part of my Chicago Marathon training plan… you know, the actual running part. 😉

Favourite vegetarian source of protein – I need ideas people!

Do you keep a food journal at all?

Are there nutrients you pay more attention to while training?


  1. Nutrition is my number one weakness / downfall too. It’s so hard this time of year to be strict when there are patio beers and ice cream and BBQs…I also hate tracking everything but I find that it works. I like MyFitnessPal when I must.

    Good luck, work hard, kick ass 🙂 I know you will.

  2. Peanut butter is certainly a weakness of mine too! I read once that runners tend to overindulge in nut butters assuming the ‘more is better’ philosophy, and I definitley fall into that category. :S

  3. I have super similar food goals as well…..once I’m back from vacation. I’m not overly keen on tracking everything, but I plan on setting up a macro based meal plan to make sure I’m getting enough protein so I can lean up and keep my energy levels up for training.

  4. Yeah, it can be a bit of a challenge to get enough quality protein as a veg. I used to be plant-based but I never felt satiated (even with food combining like beans + rice, quinoa, etc) and kept eating & eating & eating. Or thinking about food.
    Tempeh burgers are pretty good – have you tried those? Fresh sprouted beans/lentils too!

  5. Oh man this is so me. I also have a weakness for chocolate and peanut butter, and I’ve been eating so much dessert lately that it’s honestly embarrassing. I’m definitely going to work on this for the rest of the summer if I want to make it to the finish line of my upcoming races! Good luck!

  6. it sounds like you’re going into this training cycle with an awesome mindset! I just posted about how I plan to work hard in training myself. It’s definitely intimidating but I’m excited for the hard work. Ikept a food journal when it rat got diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and was trying to figure out my trigger foods but nothing for running. I plan to keep a training journal (including food) for this race! Good luck lady! I have no doubt you’ll crush your training and race! I would love to do Chicago in the future!

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