Thinking Out Loud Thursday #19!

Another link up day with Amanda from Running with Spoons. You should definitely head over to her blog (<-click her name) and check out her most recent recipes… OMG. Don’t follow her on Instagram unless you have a foolproof way to get drool off of your phone. I’m not even kidding, these are the most recent six photos from her Instagram. *wipes drool off keyboard*

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 2.49.50 PM

How cruel. Anyway, she’s awesome so we’re going to join her for some Thinking Out Loud Thursday. It’s basically a random weekly post about anything and everything under the sun… which should probably be the subtitle of my blog.


  • I taught one heck of a sweaty spin class on Tuesday night and over half  of the class was new to spin! They had all taken “one or two” spin classes before but I don’t think any of them remembered working that hard in their first class. Everyone did so awesome and I made sure to give modifications and options but I think the hardest part of teaching is catering to the newbies AND the advanced participants because there is always a huge range of abilities and experience in the room. It makes for a fun challenge!


  • I have worn the same workout shirt three days in a row because I only have a few that aren’t racer backs and won’t rub my new tattoo. Gross.


  • Fun fact in relation to that gif above: The Lion King was my absolute FAVOURITE movie when I was growing up. I think the VHS was pretty worn out by the time we sold it… yes VHS… kids that’s what we used to have to watch movies on. I encountered a child who didn’t know how to use a “phone with a cord on it” the other day at work… WTF.


  • Another cup of Starbucks pineapple tea yesterday. Can’t stop, won’t stop.


  • Let’s all take less than two minutes out of our day (or ten minutes if you’re like me and watched this five times in a row) to watch this lip-sync of “I don’t like it, I love it” by Sean Hayes and Scott Icenogle. It’s incredibly adorable and so well done!

  • My mom and I ran together yesterday morning! I slept in until she got up at practically noon (i.e. 6:15am) and we did 4 miles together with a half mile walk to warm up and a half mile walk to cool down. My mom is actually following along with my Chicago Marathon training plan just to have some structure to her runs – it’s going to be fun… think she’ll stick with me on our 20-milers? 😉
  • This is my life.



  • I have been transcribing interviews this week and my eyeballs are drier than the Sahara after looking at a computer screen for so long. I actually got nauseous yesterday while I was working because I was just focused so hard on my screen transcribing for hours. I took a 30 minute walk in the fresh air and got some water before returning to my desk and it helped a ton!


  • I was looking up strength training plans for runners the other day and basically ALL of them suggested starting by working on a strong core. Well there goes my once a month 1 set of 5 crunches plan.



And that concludes the randomness… for this post anyway… I hope you are having a FANTASTIC week! I am hitting up some strength at the gym this morning and then teaching spin once again tonight!

Favourite childhood movie?

What was the last thing you baked? <- I want to bake something but I need ideas 😉

Tell me something random!


  1. Random – coach suggested there may or may not be some 2-a-day runs in my future for Chicago training…so…yeah…

  2. As someone who literally uses a computer all day for a living I’d highly recommend as a minimum step setting a timer for 15 or 20 minutes to remind you to take a break when you’re busy with something. I know there are programs and apps out there for that too.

    You could use your breaks to do a set of core exercises… Sometimes I do push-ups in my office (since I can close my door, haha).

  3. I’ve always felt like running is the best ab exercise. Seriously though – I’m always so sore after a hard run.

    I love Amanda’s recipes – she’s basically the only blogger I utilize for baking recipes because they’re easy & don’t require a bunch of fancy/hard to find ingredients. Her greek yogurt pancakes are my fav.

  4. Ugh, I NEED to get better about doing core exercises. Scratch that, I need to be better about strength training in general now that I’m training for my first marathon. I’m finishing up my plan right now so I’m definitely going to include more of that!

    Also, I think it’s adorable your mom trains with you!!! I’ve been trying to get my family to try running so they can join me when I’m on the west coast.

    Have a great Thursday!!

  5. The Lion King was my favorite too! I watched it so many times I broke the tape (or at least my mom told me that. I have a sneaking suspicion she heard Hakuna Mata one too many times and snapped, hehe.)

    You make me miss Spin class. I’ve been doing other things because I got kind of burnt out on spinning (I know, I didn’t think it was possible either) but maybe I’ll try to get back to going. It helped my running SO MUCH when I was doing two or three spin classes a week.

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