Thinking Out Loud Thursday #20!

Warning: This Thinking Out Loud Thursday post is all about food… lots of drool-worthy food. I guess writing this while my dinner was cooking last night wasn’t the best idea because my thinking out loud is clearly all about one thing – eating. Oh well! Of course, I’m linking up with the lovely Amanda @ Running With Spoons for this week’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday.


  • Yesterday on WIAW, I had a Quest bar (chocolate brownie) before spin and it was the last one in my cupboard. I went to pick some more up and they were all out of the ones I liked like Cookies & Cream, so I bought a few more to try. How good does the peanut butter one sound?


  • While I was browsing Quest bars, I saw the Quest chips that I had checked out online. They only had salt and vinegar so I bought a bag to try and they were surprisingly good! They tasted kind of like baked salt and vinegar chips, but lighter. There are only 5g of carbs in this bag and TWENTY-ONE grams of protein. Woah, look out muscles.




The salty chips paired perfectly with a lemon Perrier as my office afternoon snack. When flavoured Perrier is on sale, YOU BUY ALL OF THEM. 😀


  • This is why I just never moved out of my parents house, the struggle of moving back in, why bother? (Honestly, I actually did live away from home for 8 months but I was a wimp and got homesick and vowed never to leave my family until I was 40… my parents were just as excited about this plan as I was by the way… right mom?)

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 5.50.03 PM

  • How freaking adorable am I walking around my office with this lunch bag. My grandma gave it to me a few years ago and it’s great. My salads barely fit in there but it’s too cute not to bring to school/work. Plus… I spilled balsamic vinegar in a bunch of my lulu lemon bags so I had to find a sturdier lunch bag that could withstand my messes.

Image 5

  • I tried out my new shoes yesterday on a short 3-miler. I have been wearing these shoes for years so I knew I was going to have no problems but experiencing that new-shoe-feel is just the BEST. Hello cushion, welcome back to my feet. I did 3 miles at an 8:12 min/mile pace so I think these shoes are magic! FYI: These are the Brooks Ravenna 5s, perfect for mild pronation and mid-distance running.


  • FIRST WATERMELON PURCHASE OF THE SEASON. Can you tell I’m excited? Costco finally had giant watermelon in stock for less than $127 (the off-season price :P) and I picked one up one the way home yesterday. I can’t wait to crack this baby open.


  • Sooooooo, this is happening. More on that later 🙂


Happy Thursday – tell me something random about yourself!!

What was your last workout?

Favourite Quest bar flavour if you’ve tried them?


  1. Mmm, watermelon…! It was the number one thing I wanted to eat after Ragnar was done. And how adorable is that lunch tote?

  2. Currently eating watermelon, and it’s the best thing in the world 😛 And I didn’t move out when I went to university either. I figured that I might as well stay at home and save on some of the costs and responsibilities of living alone.

  3. I haven’t had any “GOOD” watermelon yet this season – it’s been pretty flavourless. I find most Quest bars to be a little to sweet/fake tasting… but s’mores is my favorite. Followed by cookies & cream and cinnamon roll. I can’t wait to try the mint chocolate one!

  4. I’ve never tried a Quest bar but now I want to. Where do you buy yours? And, those chips… chips are my weakness (well chips and candy) so I should probably stock up on those too haha!

    Also, I LOVE watermelon! I picked up a mini one from Superstore the other day and it was not a good one. Sad Face 🙁

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