Weekend running change-up.

On Friday, knowing I would have to work super early on Saturday morning, I went for my weekend long run of 7 miles. In my head, I didn’t think too much of the 7 miles because in the “old training days” (aka 4 months ago) I would have thought nothing of a single digit run whether it was 2 miles or 9 miles but as I was setting out in the already warm summer air for my 7 miles I realized I hadn’t run that far in about three and a half months! The run went fantastic. I didn’t push my pace but I felt great hovering around 9:00 min/miles and kept it there.

sweaty runner


When I was home from my run and had cooled off a bit, I was making breakfast before work and just craving oatmeal so I made my protein-packed oatmeal with egg whites and flax seed, with a bowl of cottage cheese and blueberries, and obviously a side of coffee. I should really start rehydrating with something other than coffee.


I really thought with this hot weather I was going to be super productive and active in the evenings. Not happening. I have finished two books in a week though so that’s something. It is barely cracking 30 degrees Celsius and I’m perma-sweating and energy drained already! My mom and I have been good about going for a short walk in the evening when the sun is behind the clouds or is getting close to setting, which is a nice burst of fresh air before bed.

After 7 hours of work yesterday, I had my gym stuff in my work bag and got changed before I changed my mind about working out. If I put the spandex on, I’m halfway to a workout so might as well get it done. When I set foot in my gym, it was cooler than I thought, so I made up for my Friday 4-miler on the treadmill. THE TREADMILL. I haven’t run on that in so long and I have to tell you… I don’t really like it as much as I thought I did. *Gasp* Hopefully I won’t have to use it that much during this training cycle! 😛

Also… I tried to photograph my mileage on the treadmill for evidence obviously… and this is what happens.


After the 4 miles on the treadmill, I did 40 minutes of shoulders and triceps strength training. There were super ripped and attractive dudes at the gym so my form was on point for each exercise I did. I’m learning not to be self conscious of the amount of weight I’m lifting and just going with making sure my form is perfect and I’m trying my best… who cares right?

Now that I have conquered both Friday and Saturday runs, just in reverse order, I have a “prehab, rest, or cross training” day on my schedule today and have absolutely ZERO idea what to do with it. Four more days until I can hop in the pool, which is all that has been on my mind the last few heat wave days! That, and grilled zucchini… every night…


I am three weeks into Chicago Marathon Training and I have to say, I’m loving the long runs on Saturdays. Having Sundays with NO plans is the best thing ever. More on that in tomorrow’s Marathon Monday!

What are YOU doing for running this weekend? 

Anyone racing? How did it go?


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