WIAW: Carbs much?

It’s Wednesday! Time to take a look at my day of eats. I’m linking up with Jen @ Peas and Crayons for this edition of What I Ate Wednesday. Yesterday was a very ‘meh’ day. It was raining, I was hungry at weird times, I didn’t drink enough water, I wore plaid and leggings and I don’t think I pulled it off… it was kind of blah but I had some comforting foods.


AM Workout: 30 minutes on the elliptical. Single digit ‘levels’ only. I then did 45 minutes of upper body strength training.

Breakfast: Rainy weather is the perfect time to whip up loaded oats. I topped mine with peanut butter and strawberries. Oh, and coffee, but you guessed that.


Snack: Plain greek yogurt with frozen strawberries. By the time I am ready to eat this in the morning the strawberries are melting and add some sweetness to the yogurt! No wonder I have greek yogurt all over my computer, I eat it obnoxiously close to my keyboard.


Lunch: Lots of hummus. And, because it is socially unacceptable to eat garlic hummus by the spoonful, I used Mary’s Crackers (flax, grainy, deliciousness), cucumbers, and carrot sticks to scoop it up.

dipping hummus

Dinner: Pita pizza with avocado, artichoke hearts, and asiago cheese. The sky was grey, I felt like carbs. I also had an apple on the side. I think there is a pita pizza in all of my WIAW posts. I like them, alright?

pita pizza

PM Workout: I taught a sweaty 60 minute spin class!

Snack: Chocolate protein ‘nice cream.’ Perfect cooling post-spin snack. 1.5 frozen bananas, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, and a splash of milk. Yum yum yum.

heart nice cream

I was loving carbs for most of the day because I was feeling so ‘meh’ until I taught spin. Seriously, spin puts me in such a good mood and I think I was even MORE of a chatterbox teaching than normal because I had such a positive mood change! Endorphins are awesome.

Things you welcome back into your diet during the summer? Watermelon, munching on frozen fruit, and juice popsicles.

Do you find yourself craving carbs some days?

Favourite meal you ate yesterday?


  1. I always crave carbs when the weather’s not so nice out or I’m just really tired! I would also love to eat hummus by the spoonful but find myself scooping them up with veggies so I don’t look like such a pig!

  2. Carbs and chocolate – that’s what grumpy/rainy/annoying days require. Or actually, that’s what every day includes for me even if it’s not raining. Oh well, I like those foods. (:
    Both your bowl of oats and nice cream look awesome.

  3. Hahaha I laughed at your yogurt being so close to your keyboard because I’m literally eating yogurt so close to my laptop right now! I actually bought a little silicone cover that goes over my keys so if I spill yogurt (or coffee… or wine…) it doesn’t hurt the computer!

  4. Oooo plaid & leggings go so well together, would have liked to see a #ootd post 🙂
    I also enjoy Mary’s Crackers, they so crunchy! Never taken a spin class, maybe I will add it to my list of goals.

  5. It’s been a carby day for me – smoothie, fruit, Kind bar, pasta salad. I don’t mind it one bit! Summer is all about ice cream, margs, watermelon & peaches. 🙂 🙂

    Have a great Wednesday!

  6. I’m sure you rocked those plaid leggings! Also, I like your idea of a pita pizza! I could get behind that. I love love love pita bread. I am right there with you. I think carbs are my favorite type of food.

  7. I so agree about the rainy weather. It was really cold in Ontario this past weekend so I found myself cooking up pasta and other comfort foods! Your breakfast looks SO tasty and filling, as does the pm snack!

  8. Some days all I crave is carbs – like Monday. I did the Calgary half on Sunday and Monday I was so hungry… come to think of it… I was hungry for anything, haha.

    Favourite meal yesterday was this http://www.closetcooking.com/2013/09/summer-vegetable-quinoa-burrito-bowls.html however I added a touch of cumin and paprika to the corn (used frozen but sauteed it dry with the zucchini) for a bit more flavour! It was so good 🙂 can’t wait for lunch-leftovers now!

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